5 Ways To Build Home Office For A Team

Most people who build home offices only need to care about themselves. It's easy to create a fantastic workspace for one person. What if you're building a business with your partner? It's even worse if you have a small team.

You must do a few things differently to ensure everyone is comfortable. It will prevent you from running into productivity problems within weeks. Let's look at the main things you should focus on before anything else.

1. Build Your Office Downstairs

Guy Solomon says everyone should build a basement office if working from home because it's spacious. Will you be able to fit multiple people into a spare bedroom? You'll need to choose between the basement and the garden.

If you build an office in the garden, it will cost more money. The basement is cheaper because you only need to turn it into a livable space. Use the bathroom and kitchen upstairs if you want a larger work area.

2. Increase The Number Of Windows

Penguin Basements recommends adding more windows to your office space. You will need lots of natural light in the room to boost productivity. One window per person is perfect, but you'll need to check if it's possible first.

It means everyone will be able to stare into nature while working. Employees will need to share a window at the very least. Don't leave someone staring at boring basement walls because it will affect your business.

3. Create Lots Of Standing Areas

Have you spent lots of time researching standing desks? Not only will they keep everyone in great shape, but they're amazing in office spaces. You can squeeze multiple people around one when working on something.

Everyone can still sit at their desk during the day, but you can stand together when it's time to collaborate. If you don't want to invest money in fancy standing desks, you'll be able to throw something together.

4. Make Sure You Can Escape Easily

It's tough for one person to escape a basement during an emergency, so it will be even harder to get multiple people out. You don't want to send everyone upstairs, so your only real option is to install an egress window.

You only need one egress window to let everyone escape safely, so feel free to choose different styles for the others. Do everything possible to keep your employees safe, and get insurance so your business won't be destroyed.

5. Keep Noise Levels To A Minimum

A few extra employees in the basement mean more noises from downstairs, which your family might find annoying. Everyone in the basement will be distracted by noises from upstairs, which could slow output.

You will need to soundproof your basement until it feels like you're inside a luxury music studio. It will prevent noises from coming through your ceiling, plus you won't hear cars driving around on the outside.

You'll Get Lots Of Work Done

Your renovated basement will be ideal for multiple people, so you'll get lots of work done every day. Maybe you'll be able to start saving for a proper office space.