7 interesting destinations to look for your next dream job

If you’re working in a job that doesn’t give you the sense of contentment and satisfaction that you deserve, then a change of scenery and location might be required. You see, there are certain locations around the globe that offer some amazing job opportunities with great pay. From sailing around the Caribbean to partying in Cancun and building mansions in Los Angeles, the possibilities are endless. Read on to discover the top seven destinations that you need to travel to in order to land that dream job!

  • Los Angeles for Engineers:

Fancy yourself a budding civil engineer? Then there’s no better place to be than Los Angeles. This city is at the cutting edge of worldwide property development and attracts some of the best engineers in the world, as its unique landscape presents some unusual challenges when constructing the mega-mansions that this location has been known for. Plus, the pay isn’t bad either, as you’re looking at an annual salary of $80,500 for constructing palatial homes, bridges and roads in posh neighbourhoods like Calabasas and Beverly Hills.

  • Cancun for the Travel Reporter:

For all the wanderers out there, Cancun is on the lookout for a Chief Experience Officer, or influencers in the travelling niche to promote this exotic destination to audiences around the world. Apart from getting paid a salary of $10 000 per month, you’ll also have your accommodation, excursions and equipment fully paid for. Your job will essential involve promoting this gorgeous destination by sharing videos, snaps and written content of you enjoying the activities and scenery it has to offer, which includes tasting spicy Mexican cuisine, delving into the culture, exploring the ancient Mayan ruins, swimming with whale sharks and partying in the city’s most renowned night clubs and bars. 

  • Australia for Park Ranger:

Do you have a love for animals and nature? Then you’ll simply love working as a Park Ranger in one of Australia’s most beautiful national parks; the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, which is said to cover a land mass of roughly 1,584,000 hectares. As a park ranger, you’ll spend your days looking after the wildlife and plant species while providing guided tours to visiting members and tourists.  The typical starting salary for an entry-level park ranger is about $15 per hour, but can increase to $80 000 per annum with experience. 

  • Mauritius for Marine Educator:

The Marine Discovery Programme of WiseOceans, which is based in the Four Seasons Resort in Mauritius, offers a great opportunity for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts to become Marine Educators. Through the program, you’ll spend your days learning about different fish and coral species, as well as how to offer guided snorkelling excursions to visiting tourists. As part of the WiseOceans team, you’ll be treated to a cocktail evening once a week to socialise with guests more informally and it’s basically an awesome mixture of research and marine education that you’ll simply love, because you’ll literally be enjoying it in paradise. As far as Mauritius jobs go, this is definitely one of the best and most adventurous on offer!

  • Cayman Islands for beauty therapists:

From small scale-salons to high end boutique spas inside five star hotels, the beauty industry in the Cayman Islands is a booming business, which makes beauty therapists one of the most in-demand professions at the moment. Starting at $12, 00 per hour, the pay isn’t much, but the perks are amazing. You get to work in a gorgeous environment in the slice of paradise every day, with the opportunity to meet some of the most influential people in the world, plus you can supplement your income by earning commission based on performance. And the best part is that half of the population in the Cayman Islands is made up of expatriate workers, and there’s no direct tax so you can earn your income outright.

  • Dallas for Dentist:

Dentistry is often considered to be the black sheep of the medical profession, unless you’re practicing in Dallas that is, where Dentists can earn as much as CEO’s at $127,500. The best part is that practicing Dentistry in this world-class city offers a great work-life balance, and statistics show that dentist job opportunities are at an all-time high across the US, a figure which looks poised to increase even further.

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