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8 Benefits of Facebook Page Likes

The Facebook business page is the best way to promote your products and services on social media. A Facebook business page gives you creative freedom and a wide reach for your brand. You can promote your brand to the entire world and can choose your user base on the basis of your demographic choices.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of getting more Facebook page likes. Also, we will discuss the difference between page likes and post likes so that you can get a better understanding of the workings of likes on Facebook.

Page Likes vs Post Likes on Facebook

On Facebook, there are two types of likes. We will discuss the difference between the two in the below-mentioned points:

  1. Page Likes

-Denotes clicking on the like button on the Facebook page.

-Can convert into followers and post likes.

-The liked page appears on your user’s newsfeed.

-Your posts are visible to the user without them visiting your page.

  1. Post Likes

-A like on a post rather than a page.

-Does not guarantee conversion to followers and page likes.

-Your page will not appear on the user’s newsfeed.

-Users need to visit your page to see your posts.

The above comparison emphasizes one point very clearly, Page likes are more important than Post likes for the promotion of your page.

Why are Facebook Page Likes Important?

Let us find out the top 8 benefits of Facebook page likes.

  1. Affinity

Audiences who have liked your page are showing a preference for your page. They have consciously decided to get in touch with your page. They have chosen to be updated about your business happenings. When a user has liked your page, they have given you an opportunity to build meaningful relations with them. These users have a higher chance of converting into customers. Hence, Facebook page likes can help you in increasing your sales.

  1. User Engagement

There are two types of users on Facebook: active and passive users. Active users are the ones that take their time to scroll through posts and like and share pages.On the other hand, passive users are the ones who just scroll through posts without engaging with any of them. Active users are the ones who will engage with your page and they are more likely to bring in more likes by sharing your page with their friends. They also have a big circle of friends and acquaintances on Facebook.

  1. Email marketing

Whenever someone likes your page, they are added to your page’s fan base. You can use this data to draft emails to your users. You can segregate the users on the basis of several filters such as age, location, gender, etc. These emails are somewhat like broadcast messages. But do not go overboard with these emails. Use them wisely and sparingly whenever needed. Because let us be honest, nobody likes promotional emails and messages.

  1. Viral content

Once you post content on your page, it is likely to show up on your follower’s newsfeed depending on their preferences. Once they like your page, it is most likely that your page will feature on their newsfeeds. Your follower’s friends might take notice of your page from their newsfeeds and in turn, they will also like your page. Suppose you have posted content that has gone viral, imagine the number of likes you will get on your page as a result. And the more likes you receive on your page; the more chances are there for your content to go viral.

  1. Increase in traffic on your website

If you have a website, linking it to your Facebook business page is a great idea. This enables people liking your page to check out your website out of curiosity. A lot of active users are likely to click on external links that are shared on Facebook pages. So, you will see a hike in the traffic on your Facebook page as well. So, you are getting two benefits out of a single like on your page.

  1. Targeted advertising

One of the best ways to promote your brand on Facebook apart from organic methods is to use Facebook ads. You can use the list of users who have liked your page to create targeted advertisements. Targeted ads can help you in categorizing your user base on the basis of demographic filters. This will help you in creating ads that resonate with the audience and hence you will get better sales.

  1. Facebook Insight

Facebook Insight is a feature on Facebook wherein you can learn all about your page. Likes on your Facebook page are stored in Insights and you can use this data to create targeted ads, run promotions, and devise your marketing strategy.

  1. Brand Credibility

A reputable number of likes on your Facebook page attracts users toward your brand. The number of likes acts as a magnet for new users. Likes act as social proof of your brand’s genuineness. More likes seem to give your brand much-needed credibility. Your brand visibility also increases as a result and we all know that what is in front of the eyes is more likely to sell.

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