8 expert tips to turn a bingo site into a money-making machine

Bingo is more of a game of chance rather than a game of skill. Although, the skills still play a significant level in the winning process, your luck is the primary determinant. It is often impossible to change the bingo numbers you draw in the specific game. However, the following tips will help you in turning new bingo sites into a money-making machine.

Play when the numbers are favourable

The game of bingo is widespread, and most players flood the various sites to secure winnings. If the sites have a tremendously high number of players, your chances of securing a winning are relatively narrow. Your primary focus should to play the game when you have few players to compete against. Ensure you schedule your playing session when the numbers are low such as early mornings and late nights.

Play with more cards

The game involves playing with random cards and matching them to secure specific winnings. If you have several cards, your odds of winning are significantly high. The cards give you an advantage of your card being called out in the various rounds. You also have a good chance of completing multiple patterns with several bingo cards. In the selection of cards, select odd and even cards in the same proportion. Also, you need to choose high and low cards in equal proportion to increase your chances of your card being called.

Understand the various prizes

The only way to win is understanding what the end prize of the game is. You also need to understand the strategies to incorporate to reap the final rewards. Most awards are won depending on the house prize and the number of lines completed. There is a need to gather relevant skills to help in better winning the games in the new bingo sites. One way is learning how to play with cards and match them systematically to secure various winnings.

Learn from experienced players

Gamblers who have been playing the game for a couple of years can enlighten you on specific skills of winning the game. In the virtual casino's sites, there is an option of chatting with other players, and you can brainstorm with them the ways of increasing your odds in the game. If you are a beginner, the players can guide on how to select and place your cards. You can learn on the various prizes up for grabs and how to secure them.

However, most of these players are often reluctant to educate new players on the various strategies of winning the bingo games. To be on the safe side, you need to learn on your own the necessary skills to win the bingo games on the new bingo sites. You can get various insights from the casino journals or use free games to learn more about the game.

Tippet strategy

The tippet theory was developed by a British statistician known as L.H.C Tippet. The approach's main aim was to increase the probability of the various bingo players winning the bingo games. The theory mainly focuses on the randomness of items, and Tippet suggests that if specific numbers of cards are continuously called out, those numbers might form the median number.

For instance, if the bingo balls in the play are 65 and is a longer game, select numbers close to the medium number 33, and for a shorter game, superior numbers are drawn close to 1 and 65.

When following the Tippet bingo theory, you must select cards with numbers 1 and 65 for short bingo games and numbers close to 33 for longer games.

Granville’s strategy

The Granville strategy was introduced by the famous Joseph E Granville, who is a stock market investor. The methods were created to help in buying shares in the stock market but later became useful in the new bingo sites.

Granville believed that the numbers in the bingo game are identifiable, and it's possible to predict the pattern of the card numbers drawn.  The significant observations Granville made are:

  • There will always be a number that ends with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
  • There must be even and odd numbers in the numbers drawn.
  • There must be low and high numbers drawn.

Thus, the theory states that the most critical aspect of the game is the card selection strategy. The findings say a very high probability of a card number ending with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8 and 9 will be selected in the drawing process. Thus it would be best if you focused on selecting proportional number of cards that have those last digits.

In the cards' drawing process, you need to be open-minded and spread your numbers across numerous card numbers. Thus, the best way to secure a winning in the bingo games is by selecting the numbers appropriately rather than randomly assigning them.

Select your books wisely

If you buy too many books, there are both risks and opportunities. The first risk is if the moderator opts to use cards rather than books; in such a scenario, it means your chances of winning the game are relatively narrow. On the other hand, if the moderator opts to call out for books, you have a high probability of winning.

In the selection of books, you need to survey how many books the other players have. If you have more books than the other players, it means your chances of winning the game are higher.

Play with reputable sites

They are various scammers in the gambling industry whose only aim is to steal all your balance. If you want to earn real money in various bingo sites, opt for genuine sites. The best way to determine if a site is authentic is by checking for multiple reviews and testimonials from other players. For new bingo sites that don't have a long track record, you can check if the sites have the right certifications and comply with the federal law's various rules.

Bottom Line

There is no specific way to predict the numbers that will be called out in a particular game of bingo. Thus there is no guaranteed procedure to secure winnings in the various new bingo sites. The above strategies increase your odds of winning the game and ensuring you reap profits from multiple bingo sites.

Photo: Samuele Schirò, Pixabay