A Bra for Every Occasion

I have a dress – a gorgeous dress – that I would love to wear. It would be perfect for a wedding or a fabulous cocktail party, but alas, it remains unworn, hanging sadly in the back of my closet wondering what it might have done wrong to have to suffer such neglect. The answer? I have no bra that works with this dress.

This is a dilemma many women face daily. What bra should they wear with a semi-sheer white t-shirt? A backless gown? A strappy tank top? I turned to the expert – John Izzo, VP of Design and Product Development at La Vie En Rose – to find the answers.

Emma Truswell: There are many different styles and types of bras. What would you recommend every woman have in her closet?

John Izzo: Our strapless convertible push-up bra ($35.95) is an essential because it is super versatile with straps that can be worn 6 different ways: straight, racerback, asymmetrical, front criss-cross, halter and strapless (see photo 2). Also, if you don’t want the push-up look, you can simply remove the padding.

E.T. What bra will give you that “invisible” look, so that it is undetectable under garments like a fitted white t-shirt?

J.I. Two things: seamless and microfiber. As long as the bra is made so that the seams don’t show and the fabric is smooth, the bra should not show under your t-shirt. When wearing darker colours, wear a black bra. For lighter colors, wear white or nude to make sure the colors don’t contrast.

E.T. What can you wear under a dress that has a low back?

J.T. There is a solution to everything! Our Adhesive Cup bra ($40.00) is backless, strapless, lightweight and offered in black and nude (see photo 4). If stored properly, it can last you a long time – just make sure to read the instructions carefully.

E.T. Many women are wearing the wrong size bra. What do you recommend women do to ensure they have the right fit? How can you tell if your bra is ill fitting?

J.I. Can you believe that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size? First, it’s important to get fitted and La Vie en Rose offers complimentary fittings on the spot in any of our boutiques across Canada. You can tell your bra is ill-fitting if you have spillage from the cups, digging on the sides, your straps keep falling and you keep having to adjusting it. A properly fitted bra should feel like a second skin.

E.T. Is there a sexy bra that a woman can wear that won’t make her feel uncomfortable?

J.I. This all depends on her shape and preference! Some women prefer wireless bras and other swear by the underwire. Some women don’t like padding, others may want a lightly padded bra and some only feel their best in padded push-ups. Once you know what style works for you, then you can think about fun colors, prints and fabrics.

E.T. Can you outline the different styles of bras, and what they’re main purpose is?

J.I. At La Vie en Rose we have five main types of bras:

1.      Push-up: for an extreme cleavage effect (see photo 7)

2.      Balconnet: for a horizontal décolleté (see photo 1)

3.      Underwire/lightly padded: for light support (see photo 3)

4.      Full: covers and supports (see photo 5)

5.      Wireless: wire-free but provides the support you would get with an under-wire (see photo 6)

So there you have it ladies – the keys to finding the right bra for you. Fit is of the utmost importance, of course, but it is also fun to play with fashion.