• By: Candice Vetter

A Cave No Longer

Doors, Floors and Garages Like You’ve Never Imagined.

When you think of a garage, does disorganized, dark and dirty spring to mind? What if it could be transformed into a clean, warm, bright and organized space? That’s what the professionals at The Floor Company can do.

The start to any garage renovation often begins with a floor coating. Their unique processes restore damaged concrete, remove stains, repair cracks and voids, preparing the surface for a durable floor coating that provides a beautiful finish.

doorsFloorsGarages2Choose from a combination of one or multiple colours, adding colour flakes, anti-slip options, patterns, borders, or a natural eco-polish finish. The possibilities are endless.

The Floor Company services all of Eastern Ontario and is a division of The Door Company, which has 35 years of service. “Our know-how and service are what sets us apart,” said president and owner Greg Bell. “Our team’s experience can design and specify the most effective concrete finish for your project.”

Garage fit-ups are a growing part of the business. Customers can now create their ultimate garage with cabinetry and wall organizers specifically suited to their needs, making the Company a real one-stop shop.

“We help people rethink the way they use their garage space,” says Corinne Fisher, head designer with the Company. She also says that often people don’t realize that renovating and improving that space is even possible. “Our company creates beautiful garages from the ground up, with improved electrical, lighting, flooring, organizers, heating, cabinetry, and more. A garage is not just a shell to park the car in the winter,” she says.

Some of the options available to gain the best use of the space include overhead storage systems to keep items off the floor, slat-wall organizers specifically designed for items commonly used in the garage, cabinets and lockers to hide tools and supplies, and diamond plate walls, which Fisher says are the “final touch on your dream garage.”

“The garage is one of the least valued areas of the home,” Bell says. “If you have ever wanted to extend your living space with a clean, functional garage, we have solutions. With floors clean enough to go barefoot, tool chests, car storage lifts, work bench counters, even audio/visual, we can provide everything to complete your vision.”

Polished concrete is a popular floor finish which results in a natural, very durable surface. This process involves large diamond grinders honing and flattening the concrete with various grits much like sanding wood to bring the floor to the desired level of sheen. This technology is not restricted to the garage. “A good percentage of what we do is within the home, from basements to complete homes with polished concrete from end to end,” says Jean Marc Begin, Flooring Sales Manager. “We recently completed two homes that included bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and the living area, all with radiant underfloor heating.”

Floors with radiant heating are warmed by hot water running through pipes laid in the floor at the time the slab is poured. The resulting concrete is then kept warm and comfortable and the heating is very efficient. Polished basement floors are brighter and stand the test of time, while being cost effective and very eco-friendly.

Many of The Floor Company’s clients are residential, but it also provides commercial services, such as concrete repair and decorative finishes for retail shops, restaurants, and parking garages.

mar-apr-garageThe Door Company installs garage doors of all shapes, sizes and styles. It was the original company which branched off into flooring and garage fit-ups. The Door Company is the largest supplier of garage doors in Eastern Ontario. Its service area extends from Oshawa to Ottawa and Gatineau. Like The Floor Company, The Door Company has design, sales, installation and service crews that are able to provide experienced advice on garage doors, door openers and entry doors best suited for your needs.

The size of the company also allows it to buy in volume, resulting in price savings that are passed on to customers,
in addition to having a large inventory to choose from. As customization is an important aspect of the business, a varied ] selection is crucial. Door experts will also bring the showroom to the home or site, rather than having clients come to them.

Projects range from garage doors in cozy downtown bistros, allowing the flow of a summer breeze, to keeping Ottawa’s fire station’s doors in working order. They will create a custom high lift door that allows room for a car-lift as part of a homeowner’s garage makeover.

doorsFloorsGarages3In many homes, the garage door can represent up to 25 per cent of the home’s front façade. Attractive garage doors greatly increase a home’s curb appeal thereby upping its potential saleability. The company offers hundreds of styles and colours, as well as insulated doors, which can result in significant heating savings.
You can’t beat the combination of these two comapnies for your door, floor and garage needs.

For more information and to see more of the door, floor and garage options available, visit thedoorcompany.ca. For a sneak peek, the company will be exhibiting at upcoming auto and home shows. There are offices in Ottawa, Trenton and Oshawa. Call for more information 1-800-461-3121, or 613-821-2130.