• By: Dan Donovan

A coulda shoulda woulda reflection on COVID-19 one year later

Ten months ago, the dire impact and consequences of COVID-19 were just starting to take root in Canada and around the world. Back then we knew much less about the deadly virus than we know now, and the idea of a vaccine seemed distant at best.

Yesterday, the new U.S. President, Joe Biden signalled a change in how the United Sates will attack and confront this scourge which has killed over 400,000 Americans in the past nine months and infected over 20 million. Hopefully with Biden’s leadership the coronavirus will be slowed in the United States in coming weeks and months.

In Canada we are doing better but the crisis is not over and will not end until most Canadians are vaccinated later this year and we achieve some type of herd immunity. There will still be a need for masks and precautions long after the vaccines. Things will open again slowly. Questions will be raised, and discussions had about our response to the pandemic as a country. Did we do enough, or did we hesitate when we could have done more to lesson COVID-19’s devastating impact. It is too soon to say.

However, it is worthwhile to reflect on these things by going back 10 months to March 18, 2020 when Ottawa Life Magazine published an opinion editorial by Colonel (retired) George Petrolekas with recommended steps to follow to try to halt or slow down the speed and impact of the virus. Governments across Canada did some of what he was suggesting and less of other recommendations.

It is interesting to read the George Petrolekas column ten months later to assess what might have been different . . . . or not . . . . if all measures suggested were followed.

Click the above image or here to read the March 2020 story.