A Culinary and Intercultural Indigenous Experience

The Mexican Embassy and the Native Women’s Association of Canada are excited to invite you to the launch of the First Culinary and Intercultural Indigenous Experience beginning on June 12th. The event features two traditional Mexican chefs from Guerrero, Antonia Reyes and Modesta Ramirez. However, these cooks are not just chefs but strong women passionate about preserving their culinary heritage.

The cooks are offering in-person cooking classes honouring the delicious, traditional cuisine from Guerrero state. They will also participate in two culinary events with Mexican Restaurants, “Si Señor” and “Margarita.” These events are a celebration of international, traditional food and Indigenous cultures.

The first chef is Modesta Ramirez Orozco, a 23 year old from Zihuatanejo Guerrero. Modesta’s passion is to rescue and preserve traditional Mexican food. This desire was born out of years of watching her mother cook.

Due to financial necessity, Modesta began working at age 11 as a kitchen assistant and waitress. With her acquired gastronomic skills and techniques, Modesta started a career in food preparation with her sisters through a lunch and dinner business. In 2017, Modesta created a stone oven in her house to make artisan bread so the women in the home could obtain extra income.

Today, Modesta works in the popular restaurant “El Señorial,” dedicated to traditional dishes. Events such as the “Guerrero en los Piños” and “Guerrero Culinario” led to personal growth and the fulfillment of her dream. Modesta’s story represents the incredible power and responsibility of preserving unique techniques and knowledge.

The second chef blessing Ottawa with her culinary passions is Antonia “Tonita” Reyes. Antonia was born in Atlajamalcingo del Monte, an Indigenous community in the mountains of Guerrero, to a Mixteca (naa savi) family. As a single mother with five girls, Antonia is passionate about empowering Indigenous women and preserving her region’s traditional cuisine.

Antonia managed the health and women portfolio as city councillor for her municipality and currently serves as the councillor for Indigenous affairs. She helps women access social services and promotes numerous entrepreneurial events. However, her talents expand far beyond these areas as she also is a renowned traditional cook and attended national and international events showcasing Guererro cuisine.

Antonia specializes in traditional pre-Hispanic elements and prepares her own mezcal, a spirit distilled from the agave plant. She also was the guest of honour at the “Festival Cervantino,” Mexico’s most important cultural festival.

The first eight people to book a class to cook alongside these two inspiring women will participate on-site (Registration for only one class per person on-site class at acultcan@sre.gob.mx)!

Tickets can be purchased below at the following links:

For those unable to attend, Live Streaming is available at https://www.facebook.com/NWAC.AFAC?mibextid=LQQJ4d

The event will launch at 11 a.m. at the Native Women’s Association of Canada, 120 Promenade du Portage, Gatineau, QC,  J8X 2K1.

Get your tickets now to experience Guererro’s best chefs for a traditional culinary journey!