A Customized Collaboration: Nayad’s Evolutionary Aqua/ Active Wear Line

Nayad is a unique aqua sportswear company that was originally started by Jennie Green. She was passionate about swimming but struggled to find a swimsuit that suited her active, aquatic adventures. Green searched and searched but didn’t find anything that fit the bill. With absolutely no fashion or designing background she decided to take a leap and design her own line of aquatic active wear! Two seamstresses and about a year-and-a-half later, Green had a stylish line of convertible, aquatic active wear that was market-ready. The only problem was commercial manufacturing since the business was just starting up, so she took matters into her own hands, yet again. By learning how to use a sewing machine, Green has grown to love working with her hands and being involved in every step of the process.

Nayad wouldn’t have launched and continue to grow if it weren’t for Green’s other half: Kate Fox. Fox was instantly drawn to Green’s line and ideas. It was on Fox’s vacation to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands (which is now Green’s home), where they first met on the water during a morning paddle. Green was wearing the first generation Nayad swimsuit, sparking an interest from Fox and the two instantly hit it off. Between several e-mail exchanges and hours on the phone, a partnership had fabricated!

Green and Fox both share an excitement and devotion to staying active, working out and being comfortable while doing so!

Post #1_LeggingsThey both agree that creating the Nayad line is an amazing journey because it’s something “everyone can relate to, whether you’re a fitness fanatic or you’re just taking a hike” explained Fox. “Nayad has three features that really set it apart from any other company. Number one it’s apparel designed for both swim and sport, number two it’s made to measure and number three, you design what you wear.”

Nayad gives customers the incredible advantage to personalize every piece from the line. From aqua sports tops and fitness tops to bottoms, shorts, leggings and skirts. They offer several prints and solids to choose from when customizing your garments. The original pieces are very simple, durable and convenient for any activity.

One of the best things about the Nayad line is that the shape is really “true to size” as you send your bust measurement, cup size, and rib cage measurement for your sports bra choice.

My favourite part about this up and coming line is that on the Nayad website (nayadswimgym.com) there is a feature called the Nayad visualizer where you choose your style and view the print collaborations — it gets as personal as applying your appropriate skin color.

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“Everyone is different and that means there is not one size to fit all which is exactly why we have made Nayad so personalized,” said Fox.  “We want woman to feel confident in what they’re wearing. Often before we buy a bikini, we aim to lose five to ten pounds but Nayad is created to wear and feel good in while you are working toward your fitness goals, if that’s what you’re aiming to do. Our fun prints definitely encourage me during a tough Pilates class and I truly believe that what you wear it at the gym, you can definitely create an impact on your motivation.”

Nayad’s aquatic and active wear is targeted towards any and every active woman — from a 17-year-old to a 70-year-old!

So what are you waiting for? Use the Nayad visualizer and find your favourite styles, prints and patterns! Measure your exact size and I guarantee you’ll find just what you’re looking for! www.nayadswimgym.com.