• By: Anne Dion

A Familiar Bell Ringing

Photo courtesy of stevebell.com.

Steve Bell, the long-time Canadian musical sensation, is bringing his voice and his guitar to Arlington Woods Free Methodist Church on June 12. The singer-songwriter has long been considered a voice of hope and faith for his listeners worldwide, his Christian lyrics and pleasant melodies providing universal inspiration, regardless of location. In 2014 Bell released a multi-disk album celebrating his 25th year as a successful solo artist. The collection was highly praised – the 4-disk box set, titled Pilgrimage, has earned a JUNO Award, Western Canadian Music Award, and not one but two GMA Covenant Awards. Bell is following that up with a North American tour, which began in May and ends in October, and has shows reaching everywhere from Toronto to Los Angeles.

Bell’s stint in Ottawa will land him in Nepean. The concert starts at 7:30 p.m. with tickets priced at only $15. The concert will be held in support of Christian Horizons, an organization that helps communities, especially those with exceptional needs.

Steve Bell’s musical career has its roots in Christianity, beginning when Bell was 13 and made his first forays into songwriting for his family’s gospel band, The Alf Bell Family Singers. Since then, as Bell’s career grew alongside his connection to his fans, providing listeners with a voice of morality and inspiration. Fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Epp calls Pilgrimage “overwhelmingly beautiful and poignant; each listen evokes tears of joy, or conviction, or both. Pilgrimage is a masterpiece.”

The kindness that Bell preaches in his music is also clear in his consistent charity work. Over the years, Steve Bell has worked with organizations like World Vision, Compassion Canada, and the National Roundtable on Homelessness and Poverty, raising money and awareness for Canada’s marginalized communities.

After such a rewarding musical career, and after touching the hearts of so many fans, one can only wonder what will come next from Bell. It seems safe to say, however, that his future looks bright.