• By: Katie Hartai

A Genuine Candy Land

The victory of winning a board game has never tasted so sweet.

Just in time for the holiday season, Gamesformotion has released your favourite childhood board game in unique chocolate editions. Some of the classics updated to become edible include Monopoly, Battleship, Scrabble, Candy Land and Clue.

ScrabbleWith the same renowned features as their famous counterparts, the board games are slightly modified to replace card and letter tiles with Belgian milk chocolate pieces. The Uno special edition, for instance, includes 32 chocolates, each with a playing card printed on both sides of the wrapper. The Twister edition contains 32 chocolates with left and right hands and feet on the wrappers and 24 coloured discs to place on the floor.

“Most of us are able to say that our happiest and exceptionally sentimental moments revolve around playing our favourite board games with our friends and families,” states CEO of Gamesformotion, Arnoud Super. “We think adding chocolate was an ingenious move and will really strike an intrigue button as to how the game should be played.”

CandyLand_Open_PhotoA Netherlands-based company, Gamesformotion specializes in the development of tailor-made games for any purpose–from educational to promotional. Some of their projects include Heineken the Game and the Eco Control Game.

Gamesformotion products are currently being sold in 30 countries around the word, but unfortunately Canada is not one of them. If you are making a trip to the United States before Christmas, be sure to stop at a mass retail store like Target, Kmart or Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up one of these great stocking stuffers for just under ten dollars.