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A Guide to Feng Shui in Your Office

Photo courtesy of Bri Anderson-Jackson

When Jana Mitchell, CEO of Wheels for the Wise, wanted to revamp her office space, she went to Brandelyn Cameron. Below Brandelyn discusses the inspiration behind the plan.

Feng Shui is the ancient art of channeling energy flow, or Chi, in a room or space in order to increase positive vibes. For hundreds of years, Chinese tradition has taught that arranging objects in a particular fashion has a direct impact on how the energy flows through the space in a positive or negative way, possibly changing the outcome of situations.

If you are looking to channel positive energy in your office, here are some basic Feng Shui principles to apply.

The Bagua map is your guide. It is a grid that is broken down into nine sections that correspond to a specific life situation that you may wish to change.

Manhattan Studio 3
Photo courtesy of Bri Anderson-Jackson

Use the map to determine which area of the grid corresponds to the area of your life that you would like to improve. For example, if you were looking to attract or enhance love and relationships into your life, you would place an object on the top right hand side of your desk to enhance that energy. Appropriate items for this purpose would include flowers to attract love or a photo of you and your loved ones to enhance the relationship.

Perhaps you are looking to increase your wealth. If we follow the Bagua Map, it is suggested that you place a wealth vase, laughing Buddha, Chinese coins or a money plant on the top left corner of your desk.

Regardless of what life situation you are trying to improve, it is always recommended that the centre of
your desk remain clear and free from clutter as this area represents the flow of energy to your mind, body and spirit.

Manhattan Studio 2
Photo courtesy of Bri Anderson-Jackson

It is also advised that you place your desk immediately across from the door facing the entry. Improve indoor air quality by introducing plants into your workspace and incorporate artwork that resonates with you. In the case of the transformation of Mitchell’s dated 1980s office space, we applied the principles of Feng Shui throughout the renovation in an effort to enable the positive energy to flow.