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A Kitchen Catastrophe – Greasy Granite

So…who knew that a butter blob could wreak such havoc on my new granite counter tops? Yes, I know I should have sealed them, but figured…meh…what’s the worst that could happen?

grease beforeWell, let me tell you what I came home to today….an ENORMOUS greasy butter blob stain smack dab in the middle of my granite counter top (insert sinking feeling in pit of stomach here). Yes, my new kitchen counter top has a blemish the size of a dinner plate in a non-concealable area.

Now being as OCD as I am about interior spaces, I simply had to find a DIY solution so that I would not have to look at the big blotch any longer.  So I googled ‘remedies to remove grease from granite’ and stumbled across a few recipes and YouTube videos and selected the one that seemed easy enough.

To the Home Depot we go, and trust me I was devastated–replacing the counter top was certainly not economically feasible. So I picked up the items called for and went to work: acetone, masking tape, Saran wrap, paper towel

I must admit however, after reading the acetone label and the necessity to ‘wear rubber gloves, do not breath fumes, use in a well ventilated area or with an organic vaporizer’ had me a bit concerned.  Feeling like a mad scientist at this point, I proceeded to make the recommended poultice.

acetone solution

*I do caution you though if you experience a similar dilemma…proceed at your own risk, because I can not guarantee your results.*

The instructions in the video I found suggested I leave the saturated poultice on over night…but I was waaaaay to neurotic to do such a thing. After two hours, I removed the the concoction only to find a perfectly shaped rectangular faded patch equivalent to the size of the boxed off area (GULP).  Oh my goodness, what now?


After rinsing several times with water, luckily this was merely what you can expect after applying acetone to granite.  I am happy to report that my googled YouTube solution worked like a charm.  DIY PHEW!!!!  (Insert massive sigh of relief here).  😉

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