A sneak peek at the Milton Shoe Company

We've got a little secret for you. If you're looking to put the right foot forward into your next business venture, or you've always wanted to walk a mile in the shoes of great movers and shakers (and just plain stylish men), but never had the funds to do so…now is your chance.

The Milton Shoe Company is a new Canadian brand set to launch next fall, but luckily for us,  they're conducting an online pre-sales launch this week. There are 250 pairs of selected boots and shoes on offer (at a fraction of their original price) until July 31.

Every pair is designed in Canada, made of whole-grain leather and crafted in Portugal. Each one is also capped by Goodyear welted soles, a sort of calling card of the premium Milton brand. And for these shoes, the delight is in the details.

The designs are as much about inspiring confidence within as they are about outward style. The  company's mantra "Focus on greatness," is inscribed in the bottom of every sole, to remind your feet where to lead you. Each pair of shoes is also named after an entrepreneur, business-leader, or trailblazer who inspired the design, and each design has the namesake's own personal mantra etched into the inside.

The four pairs they have on offer for the pre-sales launched are inspired by men from all walks of life, and they carry sayings such as:

“Pursue the impossible, because all of mankind’s greatest achievements were once thought to be impossible until someone did it.”

That one belongs to Joseph Ng, CEO of Umoro Inc., who started one of the fastest growing fitness companies in North America, even after he declined an offer on Dragon’s Den.

Oh, and did we mention that the shoes look just plain cool? Flip through the slideshow below to see more of their designs:

All photos courtesy of Milton Shoes