A Song to Play, A Story to Tell

Music has always been a part of Steve Bell’s life. His mother was a singer, songwriter and piano player and his father also fostered the family’s passion and love for music.

“I have almost no memories of not being involved in music,” Bell says. “It’s always been a part of the family.”

boxset-full2014 marks Bell’s 25th year as a solo musician. This milestone anniversary happens to coincide with the release of his new album Pilgrimage. To celebrate such a momentous occasion Bell has not only put out a new album, but turned it into a multi-disk project and keepsake book. He is currently touring across Canada introducing long-time fans and new listeners to this culmination of hard work and musical stylings that have come out of it.

Pilgrimage celebrates Bell’s journey over the years. He says the title ‘pilgrimage’ came to him and he decided to “use that metaphor throughout the whole thing [album].”

Bell is also the focus of a new feature-length documentary highlighting his career as a musician. Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Journey tells “the story of an impressive musical journey that has spanned a lifetime, and inspired countless lives.”

Reminiscing on his time spent in the music industry, Bell says he becomes nostalgic. “The music seems to have meant something to people. There’s something deeply gratifying about that.”

“What’s changed over the years are subtleties,” says Bell on his music as a whole. Pilgrimage is again a new sound for Bell. “The songs seem to be a first-listen like which is really nice,” Bell says. “There’s a great bunch of stories that goes with them. I really enjoy telling the stories and singing the songs.”

Bell usually tours with a band but decided to change things up for his 25th anniversary tour. “This time I’m coming through solo. This is the intimate Steve Bell concert.”

Audiences can expect to hear songs from Bell’s previous albums as well as tracks from Pilgrimage.