A Successful Legacy

The third annual Legacy Conference was held on November 17 at the National Arts Centre. The conference was organized by volunteer students from both uOttawa and Carleton University in an effort to give young people in Ottawa a chance to learn about and discuss changes and challenges in the worlds of business and entrepreneurship. A substantial crowd of young people attended the conference and the speakers and staff were pleased with the audience’s receptivity.

Speaker Danny Davalos, the current owner and artistic director of the Toronto dance centre O.I.P. Davalos, was initially nervous about speaking, not seeing himself as “a corporate type of guy,” but was surprised by the audience’s reaction. “I shared a little of my life story and the passion that I have for my business and . . . I see people being engaged and receiving it well,” Davalos said. Noting his effect on the audience, Davalos commented: “I saw two ladies actually tear up during my story.” Seeing such a positive emotional response, Davalos remarked that speaking at the conference was “the highlight of my day.”

Brian Tong, an aspiring entrepreneur in attendance, shared his thoughts on the conference: “I got the tools to prepare and develop myself in the future.” The most valuable thing Tong learned at the conference was: “Do what you love, not like. Even when the going gets hard, keep doing what you love.”

Mohammad Al-Azzouni, the founder and head organizer of the Legacy Conference, said the event “went phenomenally well.” He was glad to see so many come out and become engaged in the community of young people aspiring to be a part of the business world. “I am so proud of our team,” Al-Azzouni said. “This year, we were able to get a good balance of education, communication and connection for everyone. We are excited to see (the Legacy Conference) grow and become even better next year.”


Mohammad Al-Azzouni, Founder of Legacy (right) and Janelle Zhao, President of Legacy (left)

ALL PHOTOS: Daniel Photography