A suitable summer with Surmesur


I love fashion . . . but after my life saving surgery it was so difficult to find pants that fit. I knew what I liked to wear but I could not find my required style in any stores which was so frustrating. I wished I could have been a designer to create the looks I desired.

Well my wishes came true when I discovered the world of Surmesur.

When I was doing my television show Get Sidified, I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO of the company and I was so excited to find out that Surmesur offers such a fabulous shopping experience that reflects your personality while respecting your budget.

It is so important to stop throwing your money out the door on bad tailoring. Having custom-fit clothing makes you feel like a million after taxes! The specialists at Surmesur take into consideration your body type, posture, and style to find the perfect fit.

It has been incredible to design pants and shirts from thousands of fabrics, choosing thread, buttons, collars, and monograms. The fashion ambassador at the store made it a fun process.

Weddings have changed with the pandemic and the wedding party is not as formal. What a wonderful way for the groom to choose and design his own custom suit that is guaranteed to get him noticed!

A great tip for your first visit to the store is to arrive wearing the type of clothing you enjoy so the stylists has an understanding of what you like. If you are planning to design your suit bring a pair of shoes similar to those you will wear with your suit.

ABOVE: Todd Pratt is the store manager of Surmesur Ottawa.

For all you techies, Surmesur has created an online design tool called The Studio that allows you to see your designs before you order. I hope you can experience creating your personal style looks. Visit one of the seven Canadian locations for your Summer and Fall looks g 

I guarantee you will get noticed for your one of a kind looks.

Sid’s Summer 2021 Trends

Here are a few trends to help you design your fabulous looks

1. Flower power The flower is the designer’s main inspiration this Summer. Have fun choosing those amazing floral prints for your shirts .

2. Pastels Pastel tones were featured on every designer’s runway. Don’t be afraid to choose electric greens, yellows, reds, and oranges for shirts and even your pants.

3. Pockets Several fashion houses have created pants and suits with a  multitude of pockets.

4. Trench Coats Trenches in hues of dusty rose and midnight blue dominated major fashion houses on the European runway. I absolutely love the Surmesur trench coat fabric and designs.

5. Suits This year’s mens suits have new patterns such as plaids, checks and new textures. On the runways, suits were less formal and non structured.