• By: Marie Waine

A Taste of the North: The Boreal Feast

Photos courtesy of Cathie Archbould.

Take a culinary journey through the North with The Boreal Gourmet’s Michele Genest and her new recipe book The Boreal Feast.

Explore the northern boreal forest with Genest as she cultivates ingredients and stories to share with you in a stunning collection of wild, seasonal feasts. Genest integrates her knowledge of northern cultures with boreal ingredients like lingonberries, wild mushrooms, herbs, flowers, game and fish to create traditional and modern feasts worthy of celebration.

Do not miss the stunning photographs that accompany Genest’s recipes (my mouth is watering and I just ate lunch!). Take a look at the Grilled Sockeye Salmon Stuffed with Buckwheat, Berries, Mushrooms and Herbs, Leaf and Flower Salad, Cranberry Lemon Squares, Birch Syrup Panna Cotta and everything else this piece of work delivers.

The Boreal Feast is not only a cookbook, but a travelogue as well—making it a book well worth sitting down with on a Saturday afternoon to read from cover to cover. Genest is warm in personality and easily portrays her love for northern living in her stories.

See so for yourself by grabbing a copy of The Boreal Feast when it hits shelves on June 21 or when Genest stops by Ottawa Public Library’s Main Branch on June 26 at 7:00 p.m. There will be a talk with Genest, as well as a book signing. This is a free event, co-hosted by the Canadian Nordic Society, Perfect Books and the OPL, with tasty snacks and refreshments featured in The Boreal Feast. Copies of the book will also be available for purchase.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience what the North has to offer!