A warm home and second chance for Ottawa’s wildlife

A heartwarming community initiative–Ottawa Tiny Home business fundraises to build local Wildlife Rescue Centre a new shelter

Winter months are around the corner, and humans aren’t the only ones in need of a warm home.

Holly’s Haven, a wildlife rescue centre, takes in animals who need help and rehabilitation. But this year, they saw a dramatic increase in animal uptakes, receiving over 700 animals. For a small, volunteer-run non-profit, Holly’s Haven needs help expanding to meet the needs of Ottawa’s wildlife community.

That’s where Humble Creek Homes come in. Humble Creek Homes, an Ottawa business specializing in tiny homes, is building a new animal shelter for Holly’s Haven out of a shipping container, so volunteers can continue to give these animals the support and care they need.

“We thrive on helping our community and our clients,” says Patrick, owner of Humble Creek Homes. “This is a registered charity doing amazing work and providing crucial care. We thought it was a great opportunity for us to give back to the community.”

Holly’s Haven and Humble Creek Homes is fundraising to meet the $48,000 needed to construct the new centre. As a registered charity, donators will receive tax receipts upon request. Donations can be made on GoFundMe, Canada Helps, or through cheque, e-transfer, or PayPal.

“We feel that this should be an initiative that the community rallies behind…” says Koch and Kahkonen Communications, who volunteered to get the word out. “We all can play a part in seeing this fundraiser take off and [we] encourage members of the community to give what they can and make this happen.”

Wildlife is intrinsically tied to local ecosystems and affected by environmental and human influences. By caring for wildlife in the Ottawa community, a new shelter for Holly’s Haven will ensure that future generations can enjoy their natural world and interact with the incredible species living alongside them.

You can be a part of this heartwarming community initiative to give animals a warm home and a second chance. Visit Humble Creek Homes or Holly’s Haven to donate.