• By: Aaron Nava

A2 Milk™ MOOves to Canada

The range of milk products, substitutes and alternatives continues to diversify in Canada. “a2 Milk™”, considered more digestible by its proponents, is now available here.

a2 Milk™ Starts with A2 Cows.

a2 Milk™ carries all the nutritional qualities of regular fresh milk with one important difference; most cows’ milk on grocery store shelves in Canada contains a mix of both A1 and A2 protein types.  a2 Milk™ comes from cows that naturally produce milk with only the A2 protein type, or put the other way, doesn’t contain the A1 protein type.

Why Does Protein Type Matter?

Many Canadians assume they are lactose intolerant if they have discomfort after drinking milk, even without being tested to get a confirmed diagnosis. As a result, the term “lactose intolerance” has become a blanket term often used for symptoms which could be caused by several factors, including an A1 protein intolerance.

Because symptoms often disappear when you eliminate milk products from your diet, many people simply decide to cut out dairy and – along with it – many of its valuable nutrients. Many people who try a2 milk™ say they can feel the difference; that it’s easier on digestion and helps avoid the discomfort they sometimes feel when drinking milk. “Dairy causes some not-so-fun digestive symptoms. I get it,” says Abbey Sharp, a registered Dietician. “Nobody likes to feel gassy, bloated or sick. But while you may have spent years assuming lactose is the issue, the good news is it may be something called the A1 protein, a protein you can completely avoid with a2 Milk.”

Founded in New Zealand, the a2 Milk Company has developed an international presence, capturing over 12% of the Australian dairy market. It has products for sale in Southeast Asia and the Middle East through a deal with the world’s largest diary exporter, Fonterra, and has found markets in western Europe. a2 Milk is available at chains in the United States such as ShopRite and Wegmans.

Where to Find a2 Milk™

a2 Milk™ is produced in Canada and sourced from Canadian dairy farmers. Available in 1% partly skimmed, 2% partly skimmed and 3.25% homogenized, you can find a2 Milk™ on shelves at major grocery retailers across Canada, including Longos, Loblaws, Sobeys, Safeway and Save On Foods.