• By: Sofia Donato

Aboriginal artist Cody Coyote announces the upcoming release of his new album

Photo credit: Ilaria M. Zuzak

Music is a way of sharing past experiences, struggles and ambitions for the future. The Aboriginal artist, Cody Coyote, writes his lyrics in the hopes of supporting others who have experienced similar events, feelings and beliefs in their lives.

Cody Coyote is ready to share knowledge, Indigenous language and a new sound through his brand new album. Sarju Jagai – The Cave Recording Studios and Jay Fee – Conduction Mastering, have just mixed and mastered the 10 song, second full-length, solo album from this Indigenous Hip-Hop/Electronic artist, entitled "Ma’iinganag" which means “Wolves” in Anishinaabemowin.

Cody Coyote offers engaging and relevant music for the Aboriginal audience whilst educating the non-Aboriginal people, regarding their difficulties and struggles.

This new record, scheduled for release on August 17, 2019, will highlight the teaching of the good and bad wolf that is inside of everyone, while reflecting the life experiences endured by this multi-award nominated artist.

“With this new album I hope to help others with their healing journeys through shared experiences and hope that they may find something relatable and tangible that can become a support for them,” says Cody Coyote. “For this project, I had to dive deep and revisit certain experiences that I have endured, which admittedly was healing in itself for me to write about. After much thought I came to an understanding that through vulnerability comes both strength and healing, with that I wanted to share this with whoever is willing and ready to listen.”

This collaboration displays the magic that can happen between artists, and the outstanding styles of music from various cultures around the world. From Cody Coyote on vocals to producers from multiple parts of the world, this record is a cross collaborative project that will make waves worldwide. Producers on the album include the likes of BOA, M8 Beatz, Zago, Pandora Nightz, Hi-Hater Music and Kirill Koryakovsky.

Cody Coyote is determined to initiate positive change in the world today, and hopes to reach those who are facing certain struggles in their day to day lives as well as those who have had similar challenges and experiences as he has. The album,“Ma’iinganag”, is also dedicated in honour of his mother Brenda Purcell who passed away from cancer in August 2018 and who played a vital part in him becoming the person he is today.

Cody Coyote offers captivating music while sharing knowledge and Indigenous language. His music celebrates personal struggles, the joys of life and one’s own culture, in the hopes of helping others in their own healing journeys.