AdvoCare brings superior nutrition to Ottawa

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, AdvoCare has been providing innovative nutritional and weight-management products to consumers across the United States for over 25 years. Through their natural health products, AdvoCare has been helping consumers reach a healthier version of themselves. As of September 5th, the company’s best sellers are now available in Canada as AdvoCare expands North!

Harris with fan at Advocare event

AdvoCare enters the Canadian market with several distinct products lines backed by credible science and relied upon by various well-known, professional athletes including Ottawa’s own Redblacks’ quarterback, Trevor Harris.

“I first started using AdvoCare products 11 years ago after a trusted trainer I was working with recommended the brand, and I haven’t looked back,” says Harris. “In addition to providing peace of mind in knowing that the products are safe, effective and fully regulated, they give me the energy that I need to perform during training and on game days.”

“Trevor’s outstanding success in the league and his long-time history as an AdvoCare product consumer makes him a fantastic addition to our team of athlete product endorsers,” said AdvoCare’s Director of Sponsorships, Josh Watts.

AdvoCare values their relationship with the athletic community which is why they remain committed the highest ethical standards and many of the products athletes use carry the Informed-Choice logo. Informed Choice’s WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) experienced laboratory adheres to standards for sports supplements and has analyzed more samples for banned substances than any other lab in the world.

All products available in Canada are compliant with Canada’s health regulations and bear a Natural Health Product (NHP) designation. With a team of professionals dedicated to product research and development, AdvoCare ensures high quality ingredients to create safe and effective products.

The highly successful business venture not only provides opportunities to consumers seeking a healthier lifestyle, but also to hard-working individuals looking to pursue a little extra money and make a difference along the way. AdvoCare is looking to contribute to the Canadian gig economy by expanding its network of distributors to include independent contractors in Canada.

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