Aging gracefully: The benefits of Tru Niagen

Nearly three-quarters of Canadians are worried about slowing down as they age, according to the results of a recent survey by health supplement company Chomadex. Even as responsibilities increase, families grow, and careers climb, bodies can slow.

This concern leads many Canadians to seek out the best way to age. It’s a complicated prospect to prepare for, no matter whether one is concerned more with appearance, energy levels, strength or even metabolic function.

But no one needs to be on their own in this search. Science and research have uncovered a myriad of ways to pursue healthy aging. These include exercise, a healthy diet and, most notably, using vitamins and supplements to support the body’s natural processes. Tru Niagen is a vitamin supplement designed to help people age well by optimizing their cellular health.

Tru Niagen is for anyone “looking to have an edge up when it comes to cellular health and energy levels” according to Medical Advisor Dr. Alyssa Dweck, for ChromaDex, the company that developed the supplement. The supplements will help anyone and everyone, but Dweck is a gynaecologist who takes care of women and girls, and this is where she sees the most desire to be a step ahead.

“The main demographic that really seems anxious and thirsty to find things that are helpful are peri-menopausal and menopausal women,” Dweck said. “These are women with an awful lot of responsibility on their plates, and they are looking to optimize their energy.”

Tru Niagen is a brand of a specialized form of a B3 vitamin that optimizes cellular health and improves energy levels by providing specific things that each individual cell requires to function at its best. Cellular health is incredibly important— not just to aging gracefully, but to energy, metabolism, and overall good health.

Cells are the building blocks of the human body, and the best way to maintain overall well being is to take care of those building blocks. “The beauty of this supplement is that it helps every cell in the body convert food to energy,” Dweck said. “It’s a supplement that optimizes cellular health.”

It is not necessary to understand the science behind supplements perfectly to get into them— but Dweck knows its important for people to know that there is evidence-based science behind it. The research includes 11 published clinical studies and over 100 preclinical studies proving the usefulness and importance of this particular brand of vitamin B3 to cellular health. Though vitamin B3 has been around for ages, this particular brand enters cells in a different way, and therefore provides new benefits.

Tru Niagen is one of many supplements that women can look into taking as they grow older. Dweck also recommends other methods of preparing to age well: these include healthy lifestyle habits liking eating well, exercising daily, and managing or reducing stress. Reducing stress has come into the limelight particularly during the last year, as stress increased worldwide under the COVID-19 pandemic. Mental habits, Dweck adds, are also very important to include. She considers practices like mediation, mindfulness, and yoga strong habits that can prepare anyone of any age to age well.

When it comes to making lifestyle changes—like considering supplements, eating better, and exercising more, it is never too late (or too early) to start. “There’s opportunity to begin at any age,” Dweck said. “We should all be curious and proactive about aging optimally.”