Aim for a Safe, Secure Move

Photo by Nicolas Hulk. Creative Commons.  

When you move your home or office, of course you want your belongings to arrive at their destination safely, with nothing broken or misplaced.

But there are other forms of safety and security that are also worth important consideration, whether you are moving yourself or hiring a professional mover.

For example, when items are being transferred to and from the truck or vehicles, how can you be sure nothing will go missing when all of the people who are moving you are in the house or apartment, and not with the truck?

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® – Canada, we dispatch movers in teams of three so that one person can be with the truck at all times, supervising the job and keeping an eye on your belongings.  Should you be moving yourself, make sure that friends and family don’t get so caught up carrying items in and out that they leave vehicles unattended. This is particularly important when moving out of and into an apartment building or condominium, when elevator trips may mean those carrying the items are gone from the moving vehicle for extended periods of time.

Another safety aspect is ensuring that no one gets hurt during your move.

Professional movers are trained to lift correctly and have strapping and other aides that help to move bulky items. We also understand fragility and treat delicate items with the care they deserve. Untrained people who help you may inadvertently cause damage because they lack the know-how of how to move certain items. Movers have special packing materials, labels and loading/unloading techniques in place to protect these cherished pieces.

If you are planning a business move, it is wise to hire a professional mover and sit down with the move consultant to develop a plan. For example, long before the actual move, begin shredding unneeded documents to save time and money, and to avoid unwanted confusion at either end. Moving electronic storage equipment and servers can be tricky. Does your Mover have a strategy in place with information security as a goal? One approach may be to move critical servers in separate trucks so that all of the information won’t be damaged in the unlikely event of a traffic accident.

Speaking of sensitive or expensive cargo, whether moving your home or office, it’s a good idea to have specific items appraised and insured personally to protect them. Be sure to create an inventory of these items, take photos of them and provide a copy to the Mover.

Another aspect of a move that clients may neglect is the ability of the drivers. People who choose a DIY move usually rent a truck or trailer, but are they really skilled enough to drive the vehicle safely? Driving with a heavy load in a vehicle you are not used to can be risky. A professional moving company provides trained drivers who are used to driving safely from point A to B with your belongings in tow. If you need to store items for a period of time, ask your mover if they have a storage facility that is climate controlled and insured against floods, fire, theft, and the like.

A mover who offers full insurance with professional and bonded employees relieves you of the worry and stress of these kinds of safety and security issues. You can DIY, but in the end, is it worth it?       

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