All Aboard The Ocean Endeavour – A journey to The Land of The midnight Sun

I was working in my office one June day when our publisher, Dan Donovan came in and asked me, “Have you ever been to Arctic Canada?”

Laughing, my response was, “Of course not,” considering my young age and the difficulty it takes to make it up there. Immediately after, I was invited to spend two weeks in August aboard the Ocean Endeavour with Adventure Canada, sailing from the Qikiqtaaluk region of Nunavut to West Greenland.

I was thrilled to take this opportunity. I have always dreamed of visiting the Arctic and seeing its gigantic icebergs, unique wildlife, and barren landscapes. Now that I have returned, I feel like it was exactly that: a dream.

I went in with the expectation to be moved by the natural beauty of the High Arctic, which I was, but I left equally impacted by my interactions with people on the journey: my fellow guests, the expedition staff, the hotel staff, the crew, and most importantly the community members of Nunavut and Greenland who welcomed us into their home and shared their culture with us.

I returned home with a stronger understanding of community, the environment, and myself, and I have not missed an opportunity to encourage others to experience an adventure like this as well.

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