• By: Keith Whittier

All-Star Outing for Westfest!

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Photos by Andre Gagne

Elaina Martin coming out of retirement for one night only.
Hosts Jeff Lieper and Jim Bryson look on.

Cloud Forest coffee kept those coming in from the cold nice and warm!

This weekend’s weather showed Ottawa that we're still far from that summer sun but the cold didn’t stop Westfest from giving the city a taste of the festival season a few month’s early. The second annual All-Star fundraiser, hosted by the unlikely comedic duo of Councilor Jeff Lieper and musician Jim Bryson, saw many surprises for the crowd gathered in the Orange Gallery including a performance by Craig Cardiff and a near show stealing moment by Aspects and his young daughter.

Aspects and his equally talented daughter! 
Packed house in the Orange Gallery.
Some of the tasty spread from Seed to Sausage.

However, those gathered will tell you, Westfest founder / director Elaina Martin’s return to the stage for one night only was the highlight. Once part of the band Elaina and the Chain, Martin retired to devote herself to other projects, including the popular west-end festival. Coerced into picking up her guitar one more time, she wowed the crowd while simultaneously moving them to tears causing many to wonder when she’ll be headlining her own festival.

Caesar anyone? 

Michael John Dubue (of the Hilotrons).

Westfest math is simple: 1 City + 3 Days + 150 artists = the perfect summer kick off and it’s heading our way on June 2nd. Until then, here’s more of today’s festivities: 

There was an exclusive opportunity to have your future told by Gabriella "Healing from Above"

Food was provided by the Ottawa Mission.
Lots of smiles in the crowd. 
Festival sponsor Thom Fountain and team.
Halifax Rapper Jesse Dangerously & Young K gave the crowd a sample of their coming Westfest show.
Craig Cardiff was later joined by Elaina Martin for a surprise duet.