• By: OLM Staff

Alpha Art Gallery Moves to Bigger and Brighter Home

Ever since its opening in 2015, Alpha Art Gallery has been surprising and thrilling the Ottawa/Gatineau art scene through its bold and classy multidisciplinary events promoting lcal, Canada and international creators. Visual art shows, concerts, literary events, galas and fashion shows were held frequently as the welcoming but somewhat cramped Murray Street Venue. As of this week, Gallery owner/director Edith Betkowski is thrilled to welcome the public to the Gallery's new, larger digs on the prestigious Sussex Drive.

Located at 531 Sussex Drive, one block away from the ByWard Market, the Heritage NCC building boasts a monumental stone wall, 14 foot ceilings, a large mezzanine and tall windows that allow daylight to bathe the exhibition space and illuminate the artwork. The Sussex-side storefront is welcoming, inviting those passing by to look or walk in to view the exhibited works. The Grand Yamaha Piano shines in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. 

One of the hallmarks of Alpha Art Gallery is its much appreciated tradition of making the art viewing experience an interactive one where one can enjoy visual artwork surrounded by music, poetry, fine food, wine and spirits.

"I strive to bring beauty and 'food for thought' to Ottawa-Gatineau. I am to give the public opportunities not only to find solace and aesthetic please in beautiful art, but also the view provocative and challenging works and eventually acquire them after a necessary familiarization period," says Edith Betkowski. Experience has shown me that familiarity begets appreciates, and that eventually, we all feel grateful when given the opportunity to participate in the discovery and growth of Canadian talent."

For the Grand Opening, the Gallery is pleased to highlight new works by Dominic Besner, Dominik Sokolowski, Élise Caron and Sophie Carrier. Other artists represented by the Gallery are also being shown including Christina Lovisa, Dego, Yvan Genest, Marc Gagné, Patrick Nunziata, Daria Podemska and many more!

The Gallery is accessible from the Planet Café, Side Door Restaurant and Moscow Restaurant patios. 

The public is warmly invited to join the Gallery's staff and exhibitors at Alpha's Grand Opening this on Sunday September 16, 2018 from 12 – 6pm.