• By: OLM Staff

Alpha Art Gallery showcases strong, female, Canadian artists

From April 4 to 14, Alpha Art Gallery presents Pussy Power, an exhibition of bold and blazing female portraits by artists Anicko (Anick Bouchard) and Tina Cartier. Though their styles are very different, together their work captures the duality, fragility and strength of the female subject. 

Tina Cartier

A visual artist from Montréal, Tina Cartier is inspired by street art and pop culture. Cartier treats the female portrait in a provocative, assertive and sensual way, playing with the thought of redefining the role of women in today's society. Her inspiration is derived from the streets, allowing for a certain vulgarity and delinquency to forget the pure, the beautiful and the clean.  She exploits a variety of mediums including paint, pastel, pencil and ink aerosol. Cartier is even known for integrating three-dimensional elements into her artwork to exaggerate the visual information.

Anicko (Anick Bouchard)
After spending many years in the music and performing arts world, Anicko rediscovered her pictorial roots during these multidisciplinary projects. In addition to recognizing how fragile women are, she is also sensitive to their complexity, with many demands from society, nature, and their inner selves. Each face is built piece by piece, like a human puzzle. Her art represents the impact of the individual’s actions on their equilibrium, the balance between the surface and true happiness, the real versus adapted persona. We can see this process of peeling of layers as hidden elements are more and more visible in her mosaic style watermark. Anicko's art is proudly curated and collected by visionaries and progressive individuals in Quebec and internationally. 

The Alpha Art Gallery is located at 531 Sussex Drive in Ottawa. For more information, please visit alphaartgallery.ca or contact Edit Betkowski at edith@alphaartgallery.ca.