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An experience of wonderful dishes prepared by the talented Chef Ismet

The gastronomy of Turkey is one of the most varied and privileged in the world. It has a significant influence on the culinary traditions of the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and the Balkans. When comparing Turkish gastronomy with other types of typical foods in the world, Turkey has various, healthy and balanced dishes. Who has not heard that in this area of the world people live longer, have better health and better quality of life? The answer lies in the pleasure and variety of its dishes.

Many academic studies and nutritionist doctors have pointed out the importance of including in the daily diet products such as olive oil, dried fruits (such as almonds and walnuts), vegetables and spices. In fact, spices such as peppermint, cilantro, saffron, pepper, cloves, curry, turmeric, paprika, ginger or nutmeg are sell in the street markets because of the high consumption of these in daily meals.

The preparation of the meats, especially the lamb and beef, grilled and made from a special marinated and seasoned, is always accompanied by a variety of vegetables and salads. Döner Kebap is the international ambassador of Turkish food. Its name means roasted meat, and this is how it is made, roasted in large spots. Besides, the famouse Köfte, which are a kind of typical meatballs made with minced meat, usually beef or lamb. They are generally mixed with different spices and sometimes also with chopped onions, vegetables or eggs. They are cooked roasted, fried or steamed.

In Turkey, there are almost 300 different varieties of köfte!

Do not forget to include the Lahmacum, which is the very famous and popular Turkish pizza, or the Çorba or better known as soups, which are very common in Turkish cuisine. They are taken throughout the year, cold or hot.

Within the most traditional and popular vegetable of Turkish culture is the eggplant. It is the queen of vegetables and has managed to be the staple of different dishes due to its different presentations and ways to prepare it. Do not forget the importance of rice, or better known as pilav in traditional Turkish dishes. To resist to include it is not to live the gastronomic experience in its totality.

How could you not add fish inside the representative plates when seas surround Turkey. Fish are also characteristic when it comes to Turkish food. In this country, fish abound. The hamsi¸ the lüfer, the karides güveç, and kalamar tava¸ as well as the çipura and the midye dolma are infallible in their kitchen.

Do not leave the desserts behind. The pastries in Turkey are unique! The mixture of puff pastry, nuts, pistachios and syrup or honey make the Turkish desserts an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Be sure to try Baklava – the best known of the Turkish desserts, Güllaç – the most traditional for the Ramadan period, kadayf, künefe, and laz börei as well.

A good Turkish coffee (Kahve) or a cup of tea (the most consumed drink in Turkey) accompany a dessert and a lovely afternoon with friends. But do not miss to try the Ayran, a drink made of yogurt, water and salt very popular among the Turks and very easy to find in any shop.

If your mouth is already watering, don't wait any longer, get down to the Sheraton Hotel Ottawa for a Turkish Gastronomy Festival Buffet from March 2224, 2017 for lunch. The Turkish Office of Culture & Tourism in Canada together with the Sheraton Hotel is proud to host Chef Ismet Saz winner of the most recent Best Chef in Istanbul award in Turkey as the special guest chef.

Chef Ismet Saz of Istanbul has a wealth of experience in the kitchen and is well known for his extreme creativity. He worked with well-known Chef Carlo Bernardini at Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet followed by Chef respectively at Decanter Wine Bar Ni?anta??, the Circus Restaurant Ni?anta??. Ulus 29, Panini Restaurants and Kemer Country & Golf Club in Turkey. While working as a chef he also began studies at Culinary Arts and Gastronomy Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Yeditepe University.

For more information, visit them: http://www.carletongrill.ca/ or call them 613-238-1502 ext. 6646 for reservations. Tickets $28 per person. Buffet will be from 11:30am-2pm.