An Idea for Easter: Rice Crispies Marshmallow Cake

Are you running out of ideas to make for Easter treats and want to try something different? How about getting the kids involved and trying out this activity as a family? This is very easy, not too time-consuming and looks amazing! It’s guaranteed that your kids, family and friends will feast their eyes!

Here is what you need to create this tasty treat:

Prepare in three-tiered cake pans your favorite rice crispy and marshmallow combination.

Once all three pans are completely full, flip them over and pop rice crispies out of each cake mold and stack them on top of each other in order from largest on the bottom to smallest on top (as seen in photo).

Decorate bottom sides of each mold with chocolate, candy-coated mini-eggs.

Place edible grass candy on bottom four corners of tray and top each corner with a marshmallow bunny. Place marshmallow edible-bunny-and-duck-shape figures around the edges where you see fit (as seen in photo).

On top layer, insert marshmallow pop figures as final decor.

All decorative marshmallow figures and crispies can be purchased at local food retailers.

That was so easy, and lots of fun.

Happy Easter!

Photos: Paul Beauchamp – A Nicefield Moment Photography