An Illegal Push by Trudeau has led him to a lawsuit with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers

The Canada Post workers are officially launching a suit against the Trudeau Government.

After weeks of an on-going strike effecting parcels everywhere, the union of postal workers is filing a constitutional challenge over last months back-to-work legislation.

Also known as Bill C-89, the federal government initiated the legislation at the end of November. It forced postal workers to return to work the following Tuesday. During this time, contracts issues were to be worked out between Canada Post and its union.

This move was nothing less than an illegal push made by the Prime Minister himself in order to end the ongoing series of strikes.—However, this has surely backfired.

The strike may have caused a mild crisis amongst Canada in regard to getting those online orders in on time for Christmas, but forcing Canada Post workers back to work might have been a bit of an extreme push.

As a response to this the union of Canada Post workers have filed a constitutional challenge against the government’s legislation, stating that it violates their right to free collective bargaining under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Why exactly were they striking in the first place?

Members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers have been negotiating a new contact since November of 2017.

They have been fighting for job security, pay equity, as well as more health and safety measures.

Canada Post has definitely seen an increase in profit since the growth of parcel delivery, especially thanks to the legalization of cannabis in Canada at a home-delivery basis only.

Recap of the Strike:

October 22nd

Canada Post begins its rotating strikes.

November 17th

Canadian Union of Postal Workers rejects Canada Post’s offer to end strike.

November 20th

Canada Post announces that delays of parcel and mail delivery will continue into the 2019 year.

November 22nd

The Trudeau government introduces back-to-work legislation forcing an end to Canada Post employees strikes after more than 5 weeks of rotating strikes.

December 11th

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers says that they will be filing the challenge with the Ontario Superior Court, on the grounds of a violation of the right to free collective bargaining.

December 17th

Concerned citizens of Manitoba have held a protest on Monday at the Canada Post Depot in downtown Winnipeg, advocating for a fair deal for postal workers.

It’s not just bargaining demands that are being fought for here, but constitutional rights such as the right to strike and the right to free and fair collective bargaining.

To those unaffected it may not seem as significant as it is, however it still stands as a constitutional right even if it’s not as highly contested as free speech or freedom of association.

By pushing for Canada Post Workers to return to work, Trudeau may have gotten more than he bargained for. With citizens across Canada reaching out to support Canada Post Workers, returning to actions in the streets may be the only way to actually win this constitutional challenge.