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An Impromptu Q&A with OLM’s DesignerDIY

This past weekend I was invited to be a speaker at the Ottawa Home and Design Show at the EY Centre. Despite a few technical glitches, we managed our way through with creative enthusiasm. Since challenges are merely opportunities in disguise, I decided to scrap the presentation and join the crowd to find out exactly what brought them there, what design dilemmas or creative conundrums they face and what they were hoping to find at the show!

You see…products are everywhere and for me, it’s all about the people. In this particular case, the home owners attending my presentation had the following questions:

Q:  We have a bungalow with a fully finished basement with a three-piece bath and we are renovating the main floor bath and are wondering if replacing the tub with a full size shower will impact resale?

A: Glass shower enclosures are trending now in a big way and there are many options you can consider. In my opinion, I do not think that ridding one bathroom of a tub will impact resale, so long as the home still has a full size bathtub in one of the bathrooms to appeal to the masses. However, if you are worried, you may wish to consider keeping the tub and going for a glass bathtub enclosure, such as the Maxx Halo glass door, available at Mondeau Kitchen and Bath.  This is an affordable alternative to the full glass shower trend.

Q:  We are considering hardwood on our staircase and are concerned with matching the stain of the existing flooring. What do you recommend?

A:  When you are working with wood, the most important thing to remember when attempting to match the stain is the composition of the existing wood. What I mean by this is that Pine will absorb a stain much differently than Oak or Maple.  You need to determine what type of flooring you have and then take a sample with you when selecting your stair treads.

designer diyQ:  We have gone with a contemporary look in the main bath on the first floor and are redoing the bathroom on the second floor. Do we need to keep the style consistent?

A:  Although I am partial to keeping a consistent theme throughout the house, you can incorporate a transitional style that will work both ways by selecting cabinetry without ornate detailing that can pair nicely with traditional or contemporary looks.

Q:  We are looking to replace the flooring on the second floor and are wondering how to go about this?

A:  Again, I would recommend consistency as your guiding principal here as you do not want to break up the space too much. For example, you may wish to limit your selection to two finishes, such as ceramic in the bathrooms and hardwood or carpet in the hallway and bedrooms.

Q: What is the best way to implement cost saving measures into a bathroom renovation?

A: With so many available flooring options these days, you can achieve a very beautiful look with minimal investment. There are several ceramic tiles that have a slate-like appearance that can really add some ‘wow’ without breaking the bank. Subway tiles in the shower are another great way to minimize cost while adding timeless texture.

Q: How do I know where to start with my renovation?

A: Always start with the end in mind and work backwards–and I don’t just mean the end result of that particular space–you need to envision the entire house and what your project goals and design features include. This way you can minimize costly oversights and ensure that everything flows nicely.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone that attended the Home & Design Show and participated in our impromptu Q & A session.

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