An Innovative Canada-China Partnership with Grandview PRC

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canada-china friendship series by Samantha Lapierre

Founded in 2012, Grandview PRC is an Ontario-based company that promotes trade, investment and project cooperation opportunities between Canadian companies and Chinese partners. In a few short years, Grandview has accomplished a lot and in the process has caught the eye and backing of many supporters.

Grandview PRC is currently focusing its work on traditional and renewable energy sectors as well as agriculture. The company is leading an innovative Canada-China partnership that is focusing on a unique healthy food product. Grandview PRC is working closely with the Canadian agriculture researchers, along with farmers, processing facilities and Chinese research and production sectors to boost healthy oat rice products in China. Both the Canadian Government and the Chinese Embassy have supported Grandview’s efforts.

Oats have multiple health benefits. They are rich in fibre and lower bad cholesterol. Canada, being the world’s third largest producer of oats, is the best partner for China’s growing health-food supply demand. So far, Grandview PRC has succeeded in initializing a Canada-Chinese market expansion, and has led Canadian processors to adopt the new oat rice product category. The company is also channeling into the Chinese market by setting up relations with the Chinese Beicheng City oat research centre. This centre is a leading source in oat growth and production that targets for the full use of the oat plant, not just the grain. Grandview PRC believes that using the full plant would be a great green project to pursue, as well as one that is beneficial to both countries.

Grandview PRC is committed to expanding its networks and partnerships in Canada, as well as contributing to Canada’s economic development. Grandview PRC believes that its unique partnership with Chinese companies (including China CEFC Energy Ltd., the sixth largest privately owned company in China, as well as the largest privately owned company in Shanghai, and agricultural company Dasheng Agriculture Group) gives it an edge on competition.

Both China CEFC Energy Ltd.and Dasheng Agriculture Group have indicated they are greatly interested in doing business with, and investing in, Canadian and Ontario-based business opportunities. Grandview PRC believes that both companies have a lot to offer Ontario and would be a substantial benefit to long-term interests of the province. These companies would like to bring investment into Ontario’s clean energy and agricultural sectors, promote Ontario’s clean energy technology development and marketing, as well as expand the market for Ontario’s food and agricultural products, including technology.

The future is looking bright for Grandview PRC. As an innovative company with a great vision, its strong connections to the Chinese business world are an important factor to helping this business continue to grow. Grandview PRC is clearly devoted to enhancing both Canada and China’s business relations in a new way.