And the Winner Is…

Congratulations Alex Bridal! Your grill is getting an upgrade from Weber as you are the winner of their latest Spirit E-210!

Weber’s Grill Giveaway:

Do you want to win a free grill from Weber just in time for the August long weekend? Send us a picture of your current grill by posting it on our comment section below, on our Ottawa Life Magazine Facebook page or tag us at @ottawalifers on Twitter with the uploaded image.

Winning a grill has never been so easy. Weber wants to update your grill for the summer season with a grill from the new Spirit Series: the Weber Spirit E-210. Here are some of the features of Spirit E-210 that Weber is giving away: fuel gauge, six tool hooks, owner’s guide and grilling guide, limited warranty, two stainless-steel burners and porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars.


Participate in Weber’s free grill giveaway by sending us a picture of your current grill. We will accept pictures up until July 26 so be sure to submit a photo before it’s too late.

For more information about Weber grills or about the Spirit E-210, visit