Animation: How to Be a Pro

Animation is a growing field with more and more people choosing to learn animation now. It has been providing exceptional opportunities to people all around the world as there is a demand for animators in almost every field now.

If you are looking at starting your career, you should consider being an animator. This is because as an animator, you will have tonnes of opportunities.

Animators do not only get paid well, but also find jobs easily since the demand is on a rise. However, you must make sure to learn it from a reliable source otherwise you will be left far behind in the race.

Remember that millions of people out there are trying to find a foothold in the industry and be a part of companies like Spiel Animations and Pixie.

If you want to do well in your career, you need to be better than everyone else. Let’s find out how you can be a pro in this field:

Get Admission In An Animation Institute

If you’re serious about being an animator then getting enrolled in an institute that has a good reputation is your best bet.

You do not typically require bachelors to get enrolled, unless you are looking at a university. It can cost you around $30,000 for a year and most institutions will pass you out in two years, however make sure to inquire about the cost and duration before you take admission. Also, make sure to pick an institution that is known and reliable so that you actually learn something.

Online Courses

There are many websites offering online courses in animation. All you have to do is get registered and you get access to material and teachers as well. This is a cheap option that is quite effective as well. Other than this, you may even check tutorials online at websites like Udemy or YouTube. 

While Udemy does charge a few dollars for some advanced courses, YouTube offers you tutorials for absolutely free.

Get An Internship

Once you have understood the basics, it is time to actually enter the real world and see how things roll.

Your best option is to look for internship opportunities that will allow you to work closely with a professional and see how things are done.

However, remember that it is not that easy to score an internship job since the competition is tough. You must know a few things about animation and have a killer portfolio to be able to impress others.

There you go. This is all you need to become a pro, but above all, you must have the passion to skill in this field. Animation is a lot about being creative, and if your heart is not into it, then you will not be able to be a good animator.