ARC 2017 a Showcase for University of Ottawa Student Artists

The Bachelor in Fine Arts at the University of Ottawa is a 4-year program where students from around the world can learn and train intensively to become established artists and/or much more. During the first year, we learn the basics about painting/drawing, analog photography, sculpture and video as well as art history. From then on, the students get to choose which field they would like to specialize in and continue to work in that chosen field. The Visual Arts department has many helpful resources that benefit the student’s advancement as an artist. The resources consists of photography laboratories, editing suites, metal and wood shops, professors that are established artists, artist-run centres around the city, the National Gallery of Canada and much more. Come fourth year, the students are responsible for creating and organizing their graduation show. The graduating class is divided into various teams in order to produce a professional art show. In April, they all come together to create an exhibit that’s open the public for 4 days.

This year, the graduates have created ARC 2017. The Vernissage will be on April 21st 2017 from 7pm to 10pm. The exhibit will showcase works that the graduates have been developing and working on during this past school year. ARC 2017 will feature works such as photographs, sculptures, installations, videos, paintings, drawings and performances by 34 different students. This is an event where art-lovers, local artists, alumni, professors, faculty, family and friends can come support the artists and experiences their work in a professional setting. The Vernissage will consist of food and drinks, talks by the students and faculty and an award ceremony. It’s an evening dedicated to recognizing the artists’ hard work and to celebrate the conclusion of their Bachelor in Fine Arts at the University of Ottawa.

ARC 2017
Vernissage-Friday, April 21st 2017 from 7-10pm
Show runs from April 21st to April 24th 2017

100 Laurier Avenue East
Ottawa, Ontario

Includes works by Tania Aarabi, Rebecca Bair, Kayleigh Bathurst, Monica Beckett, Sydney Bejcar, Madeline Biscaro, Cristiana Bodnariuc, Larissa Borys, Renée Bourque, Elizabeth Dao, Katherine Donovan, Marielle Gordon, Maureen Hennessey, Alicia Hofland, Veronica Keith, Alexia Kokozaki, Chloe Linke, Rebecca Mamane, Christine Miller, Mélissa Mourez, Jianna Nolan, Rachel Perras, Samantha Rhedey, Natalie Rivet, Michaela Robinson, Isabelle Sarazin-Frey, Ashley Shellard, Emily Situm, Ashley Steele, Katarina Tkaczyszyn, Jeremy Toppings, Hailey Van Doormal, Jun Wang and Jesse Williams.