Are you ready for flea and tick season?

As temperatures rise, so does your dog's chance of being affected by fleas and ticks. Peak season for fleas and ticks is just around the corner, but are you armed with the knowledge you need to protect your dog?

Fleas are small insects that feed by sucking the blood of mammals and birds. They can be more than just an uncomfortable annoyance. They can lead to serious discomfort and diseases, such as tapeworm, which can be dangerous for your dog. Most often, fleas are found under shrubs, in carpeting, on wooden floors, under decks and along fence lines — all the places your dogs like to play.

Like fleas, ticks are small and feed on the blood of animals. However, they also feed on human blood. They can cause several problems for your dog, including Lyme disease. Ticks can often be found in wooded areas, on trails, in tall grass or leaf litter.

There are multiple options available to help prevent and control fleas and ticks, depending on your pet's needs. Prevention and control don't have to be unpleasant or difficult experiences for either of you. For example, you can choose a once-a-month chewable flavoured to taste like a treat so it's fun and easy to give.

Be sure to see your veterinarian this season and ask what protection options are right for your dog.