Atlantic Salmon Treasury – Celebrating 75 years of conservation

Publisher: Goose Lane Editions with the Atlantic Salmon Federation
ISBN: 9781773103013   
PRICE: $45.00

“Few fish have captured the souls and minds of men and women quite like wild Atlantic salmon.” – Bill Taylor, President, Atlantic Salmon Federation.

Celebrating 75 years of conservation, the Atlantic Salmon Treasury works as a “best of” for the influential Atlantic Salmon Journal. This fascinating volume includes a curated selection of articles and essays by some of North America’s best writers on the art and lore of the wild Atlantic salmon.

Beginning in 1948, the Atlantic Salmon Journal began publishing information and conservation material about the “king of fish”. In 1975, it released a Treasury from its first 25 years. This new edition takes up where the earlier volume ended, tracing the rise of salmon angling as a sport and into the era of conservation and the catch-and-release movement. The result is a journey through time with acclaimed writers such as Harry Bruce, Joan Wulff, Wilfred Carter, and Thomas McGuane.

About the authors

Charles Gaines is an international bestselling author, known for his writing about fishing, the outdoors, and bodybuilding. In 2020, he received the Truman Capote Prize for lifetime achievement in non-fiction.

Monte Burke is a New York Times-bestselling author, who is currently a staff writer at Forbes. He is the author of Saban, 4th and Goal, and Lords of the Fly