Atletico’s Ollie Bassett calls on Ottawa fans to fill the stadium!

Can I ask you a question? Have you been to an Atletico Ottawa game? If you said no, what are you doing on October 23rd at 2 pm? I ask because, in their second year in the Canadian Premier League, Ottawa finished first place and will be hosting a playoff game at TD Place.

If you said yes, I hope to see you at TD Place on October 23rd at 2 pm.

And can I tell you something else? As an Ottawa REDBLACKS season ticket holder and a frequent visitor to Ottawa Senator games, nothing compares to an Atletico Ottawa game right now! It isn’t uncommon to see many fans leave early at the previously mentioned events; it’s extremely unusual to see that at an Atletico game.    

The team itself is fantastic. Their first-place finish solidifies that, but the team also deals exceptionally well with adversity. I have seen them down by a goal and come back to score two goals within minutes.

But you ask, what about the atmosphere? — such a priceless commodity at games. The fans are incredibly passionate and invested from the first whistle to the last, and the games are very exciting. The top four teams make the playoffs, and the difference between first and fourth place was only three points, so you can expect to see some competitive football. (I can’t bring myself to call it soccer…sorry, not sorry.)

The playoff format is aggregate which means Ottawa travels to British Columbia to play Pacific in the first leg, and both teams will face off again at TD Place on the 23rd . . .  at 2 pm.

With the playoffs commencing this coming weekend in BC, I had the chance to speak with my favourite player, Ollie Bassett, about several things, including the season, the upcoming playoffs, and how he is enjoying playing in the nation’s capital.

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Photo: Atlético Ottawa/Matt Zambonin/Freestyle Photography