Attention All Beef Lovers: Your Grilling Accessories Await You

From juicy hamburgers and tasty meatballs to smoked baby back ribs and medium-rare steaks, everyone enjoys covering these grilling items in various seasonings and barbeque sauce, and throwing them on the grill. These delectable items are among the many popular foods Canadians indulge in over the summer months; however, there is something about these grilling accessories that they all have in common and that leaves Canadians wanting more: beef.

Better known as the frozen meat product that overcrowds the freezer during the winter months, beef is one of the most preferred meats among Canadian consumers. The perpetual love affair Canadians have with hamburgers was statistically proven when Weber conducted its 24th Annual Grill Watch Survey and discovered that the hamburger remains the most grilled food item, with beef patties being the top favorite.

In order for Canadians to cope with this ongoing and addictive relationship that most grillers succumb to in the first week of May, Weber has developed three new accessories for its devoted audience.

Burger PressThe lineup begins with Weber’s Burger Press, an accessory dedicated to creating the perfectly formed burger patty. This press makes a dimple in the middle of the burger, for even cooking from center to edge. Weber recognizes that burgers come in all shapes and sizes; therefore, the press is able to accommodate ¼-pound or ½-pound burgers. Priced at $15.99, this Burger Press could be the ideal piece of equipment to assist any griller in impressing their family members at the next burger night.

The next accessory Weber provides for the hamburger enthusiasts throughout the nation is the Slider Press. Similar to the Burger Press, the Slider Press assists grillers in forming two perfectly shaped sliders at the same time. It also makes a dimple in the middle of the burger to ensure that there is even cooking throughout. For only $15.99, grillers can unlock the mysteries of the so-called “miniature burger” and recreate the appetizers that are commonly seen on various restaurant menus. Weber’s Slider Press gives Canadians the opportunity to enjoy the restaurant experience in the comfort of their own home.

Meatball_Slider RackWeber’s accessory line also includes the Meatball/Slider Rack. At $44.99, this stainless-steel two-sided rack holds up to 15 meatballs or eight sliders. As the perfect grilling tool for Canada’s beef aficionados, the Meatball/Slider Rack allows grillers to evenly cook their meat products with its one-flip approach. Canadians will appreciate this efficient culinary aid when they wish to grill several small burgers or meatballs all at once.

Weber’s new accessories, exclusively made for beef-lovers, are the must-have barbeque items for the summer season.

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Be sure to tune in next week when we uncover the secret to creating the perfect burger and feature some recipes from Weber’s New Real Grilling cookbook.