AWS Courses to learn online

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is the market leader in providing cloud infrastructure. As a service to businesses looking to migrate to virtual and scalable data storing and hosting services.

The cloud industry has witnessed exponential growth over the years and is expected to grow further in the coming years. AWS is the number 1 cloud service provider for businesses.

Therefore it opens a number of professional opportunities and in-demand jobs for aspirants looking for a rewarding career in cloud computing. Clearing AWS certified solutions architect exam is the right way to get your skills validated in the industry. It exhibits your commitment to learning the best industry practices and upskill in terms of professional competency.

The following are the list of popular and useful AWS preparation courses online to enable you to get certified the right way.

1. AWS certified solutions Architect

Awesome learning resources don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. This inexpensive course is offered by the Udemy learning platform by Ryan Kroonenberg and Faye Ellis.

The instructors have a combined hands-on industry experience of 37 years. Ryan has worked in the cloud domain since it's inception across varied functional roles ranging from systems administrator, developer, and solutions architect. He is the founder of cloud guru and brings in all his experience to train you on the practical nuances of working in the AWS cloud domain.

The curriculum is structured into 11 sections comprising of 107  lectures with a total run time of 14 hours 37 minutes including 2 practice tests. The syllabus is constantly updated keeping the evolving nature of the exam in mind.

It covers all the important concepts like S3, EC2, cloud architecture and it's applications, Database and serverless concepts amongst other useful stuff.

The course will give you a great headstart in your preparation for the AWS and will craft the right path in getting you certified with a proper blueprint and the right strategies to clear the exam.

The course has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on 56000+ ratings and 211,000+ enrollments.

2.) AWS fundamentals building serverless applications by AWS is offered on Coursera.

Coursera commands credibility in the space of online education and training. The course brings to you 4 interconnected modules spread across 4 weeks to teach you about the core AWS services including security and migration along with the building blocks of creating serverless applications using AWS.

The course is most suitable for beginners looking to venture into a specific cloud domain based on the AWS platform. The best part about the course is that it has been developed by  AWS itself through a team of AWS Professionals.

Don’t worry, if you are a fresher IT professional with no knowledge of AWS. You will learn about the framework and the architecture from the context of real-life problems that will help you in designing serverless applications.

 Leverage the practical learning ecosystem and make the best use of the hands-on exercises/ programming assignments prepared by industry professionals to gain valuable learning experience and hone your AWS skills with the right course,

The average rating for the course is 4.7 out of 5 based on 400 ratings.

3.) Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers: cloud concepts by LinkedIn learning

This course is taught by Hiroko Nishimura on LinkedIn learning. Hiroko is the founder of AWS newbies endeavoring to make cloud knowledge accessible to everyone. He is the best resource person for non-engineers looking to step in the cloud domain. To his credit, he has authored a book on the subject which further highlight his domain-level authority.

It is the most ideal course for newbies who want to discover AWS. it's an introduction for non-engineers to the world of AWS and cloud computing in a fun and Jargon-free manner.

The instructor will take you through the basics of cloud computing and AWS. you will be taught to use the AWS free tier functionality by creating an account with AWS so that you gain hands-on experience on using AWS products or services.

This course is 1st in the 4 part series and will help a non-engineer to gauge his interest in the world of cloud services. If you feel you are the right fit for a career as an AWS certified professional, you can gradually proceed with completing the remaining 3 courses of the series to prepare for the certification.

4.) AWS Certified Cloud Practioner 2020 by Udemy

The program instructor Zeal is one of the most renowned Udemy course facilitators. He works as a cloud security consultant and uses his expertise in cloud security to build the right infrastructure for companies. He has over 75000 students on Udemy and 13 curated courses. Students have benefitted immensely from his practical experience in their preparation for AWS Solution Architect Certification. Going by the student testimonies, he has received a lot of praise for his detail-oriented outlook with an emphasis on real and practical examples.

The course has a comprehensive syllabus comprising of 5 sections in a structured format delivered through 119 lectures with  a duration of 16 hours and 13 minutes.

The contents include the fundamentals of cloud computing, understanding the core AWS services, security, Billing and support.

The most useful aspect of the course lies in the fact that zeal has dedicated an entire unit on exam preparation with guidance on the right strategies, pointers and exam quizzes. The exam-oriented approach makes the course very popular and useful. It has a 4.5 out 5 ratings based on 9210 reviews.

5,:) AWS Solutions Architect – Associate-level exam preparation is offered by will set you in the right direction to prepare you for the exam. People looking to become cloud engineers benefit from the useful program.

It ticks all the boxes of an ideal exam prep course. It has up to date detailed curriculum with practical insights to give you hands-on knowledge of design principles. To top it all, the course is led by an amazing instructor Elias Khnaser who is an expert in public cloud computing and hybrid cloud computing. Mr. Khnaser was the CTO for Sigma solutions. He is associated with Gartner and has 6 books to his credit along  with more than 100 blogs with leading websites like Forbes, Information week and Virtualization

You will learn about designing workload deployments on AWS Platform. This course will not only prepare you for the AWS solutions architect program. It will also make you skillful in designing scalable systems using AWS.

However, unlike other courses on the list, knowledge of AWS fundamentals is a prerequisite for attending this training certification.

Some relevant exam tips include reading blogs, white papers and solving as many mock tests for practice before the exam. Getting accustomed to the free tier services and using them as much as the free mode permits is another great way to get some hands-on experience of the services offered on the AWS platform. Quora users also share amazing insights about the online and offline resources used by them to make a career as AWS Solutions Architect. Always learn with an emphasis on hands-on practical learning and remember that there are no shortcuts to success. The right approach not only makes learning fun but it makes the experience worth the efforts.

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