• By: Sofia Donato

Azym captivates audiences with his catchy performances

Ever since he could walk, Azym has been singing and dancing to artists such as Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Now 15, the Ottawa singer, dancer and actor emulates artists like The Weeknd and Justin Beiber. With his captivating stage presence and vocal talent, Azym was handpicked for an opportunity to audition for America’s Got Talent at a special showcase event in Los Angeles.

In 2016, Azym was scouted to perform in New York City and was the first runner-up in the ‘International Models and Talent Agency’ singing competition. He was also the winner in the IMTA’s Monologue Competition. After several invitations and callbacks from producers and composers in the industry, Azym has gone on to play many notable venues and festivals.

With Waterhouse Entertainment, Azym produced his first original song 'Feel the Groove' and was a 2018 NOMINEE for the American Songwriting Awards in the POP Competition. Azym has also recorded his second original song in collaboration with Talent Nation Recording, a Canadian-based producer and recording company, which was released March 19th, 2019.  Selected for a Loblaws/Superstore Internal Production Cast (IPC) commercial which aired early September 2017, Azym has received many opportunities to perform his music for Canadians. 

Placing highly in competitions such as the 2018 Finalist in the ‘Hidden Talent’ competition and 2019 – Semi-Finalist in the ‘Les Voix’ Competition, Azym dreams of sharing his music on an international scale, and to tour and perform for his fans all over the world.

Excelling in various different genres such as Pop and R&B, he performs for every kind of listener. Check him out on Youtube, Soundcloud or Spotify.

Azym can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and at his website.

Photo: twitter.com/Azymofficial