Baby, Bedroom & Beyond…

Got a baby on the way?  If so, then there is no doubt that images of creating a baby’s bedroom are probably dancing in your head.  You will want to design something that will grow with that child beyond the baby stage. Potentially, this could be viewed as a gargantuan task, an insurmountable challenge. However, I think that there is a universal formula that works.

Forget the concept of a “themed” room. Avoid using anything too specific like an item from a mass marketed child toy brand as you and your child will tire of this rather quickly. You can bring in lots of things your child loves to play with into the room whether that be dinosaurs or princesses to create a “theme” if you really desire one without the commitment of re-painting walls, buying new bedding, or furniture. Treat your child?s space as you would any other room in your home. Create a room with colours that you love or that you think are perfect for your baby. There are many different philosophies as to what colours are best for your child?s room – from restful, calm and soothing colours to graphic ones like black and white (the first colours that your baby can see). You can even look into the art of chromotherapy – the study of colours and the effects on the body. For example, red is a very grounding colour – dealing with our survival instinct, green is the colour associated with the heart denoting love and compassion while at the opposite end of the spectrum violet is purported to be the most spiritual colour. You choose what resonates. There are no mistakes as far as I am concerned – one colour is not necessarily better than another.

You may want to ask yourself what kind of a person you are yourself – do you like the stimulation that colour provides or are you happiest in a neutral environment. A neutral environment can be a good foil for all of the colourful toys that tend to come with a new baby. Your baby is often times an extension of you, so what you like he/she will like.

A baby?s room can be modern, clean lined, energetic or classic, playful and/or sophisticated.  Whatever you choose, you know you have succeeded in creating the right vibe in your child?s bedroom if it takes him or her from the baby stage onward.