Back In The Classroom At Wanderlust

The mission of Wanderlust is to nourish and revitalize the mind, body and soul. By now we know the array of yoga classes and hiking excursions available will work the body and the top-notch musical performances will invigorate the soul, but what about the mind? Don’t worry; Wanderlust has it covered with their Speakeasy Lecture Series.

Take a breather in the classroom to attend Wanderlust Festival’s unique lecture series which focuses on topics pertaining to mindful living. The ‘Speakeasy’ gets its name from the format of the lectures, in that they are a casual and candid experience where the presenter can “speak easily”.

Jake Laub
Photo courtesy of Jake Laub

The presenters hope to engage the audience in a back-and-forth conversation setting where you are given the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most inspiring and insightful experts in the wellness industry. Coming from backgrounds in yoga, music, holistic medicine, writing and more, there is a speaker at Wanderlust who is sure to catch your attention!

So don’t worry about buckling down for a boring, stuffy lecture. Instead, look forward to an inspirational hour  of growth, learning and self-reflection while connecting on an interpersonal level with your fellow Wanderlust attendees.

Past attendees agree the Speakeasy Lecture Series is one of the most engaging parts of Wanderlust Festival, and the lineup of speakers at Mont-Tremblant are sure to live up to that standard! Check out Sharon Salzberg, a meditation expert giving a lecture that explores the power of meditation when faced with physical and emotional challenges. Or Bram Levinson, a Montréal-based author and yoga teacher, lecturing about behaviour and accountability in our technologically advanced modern society.

Jake 2
Photo courtesy of Jake Laub

This is just a taste of what Wanderlust Mont-Tremblant has to offer in their Speakeasy Lecture Series. Bring along your notebook and pencil and get ready to learn!

Be sure to register soon because spots are filling up fast!

Are you, or your kids, ready to get back to the classroom? Let us know!

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