• By: OLM Staff

Back-to-School is Easier on The Environment With BIC

Back-to-school shopping is an annual ritual that marks the transition from summer to fall. While it can be an exciting time for children, parents often find themselves navigating long shopping lists.

When it comes to purchasing writing supplies, BIC has taken steps to make it easier for parents to select pens and pencils that are more environmentally friendly. The ECOlutions line stands out as a choice that can help to positively impact both the planet and a child’s learning experience.

Made with at least 50 percent recycled plastic, all products in BIC’s ECOlutions line also come in 100 percent recycled and recyclable packaging — making it a great purchase for eco-conscious Canadians.

BIC ECOlutions pens and pencils are produced from ocean-bound plastic — plastic litter collected along a shore or waterway leading to the ocean. The line includes long-lasting ball pens, retractable pens and mechanical pencils, quick-drying retractable gel pens, permanent markers in a variety of colours, and correction tape.

Parents can involve children in the selection process, teaching them about the significance of making sustainable choices. Explaining how these choices contribute to preserving natural resources, reducing waste, and safeguarding wildlife habitats can foster a sense of environmental responsibility from an early age.

As parents and children embark on another school year, choosing school supplies from BIC’s ECOlutions line is a small choice that can contribute in a big way.

The ECOlutions line is available for purchase on amazon.ca and in-store at Staples and Walmart stores across the country.

For more information on BIC’s ECOlutions line and products, click here.