• By: OLM Staff

Back to the Future

Photo by Jean-Marc Carisse.

Last night Liberal leader Justin Trudeau won a majority government in a historically long three-way race. Moving into his father’s old house, Trudeau has created what many are calling Canada’s first political dynasty.

The Liberals swept across Atlantic Canada early on, taking every available seat in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Those wins predicted their takeover of the rest of the country, and it seemed like news organizations were predicting a Liberal win before the election had even begun. By the time all of the votes had been counted, the Liberals controlled 184 seats, 150 more than they had at the end of the 2011 race that shattered them.

The Conservative Party of Canada did maintain strongholds Saskatchewan and regained almost every riding in Alberta, aside from a few urban centres. Overall, they lost 67 seats compared to the last election.

Like the polls predicted, the NDP suffered a huge defeat across the country. They were even lost most of Quebec, the source of last election’s ‘orange wave.’ The NDP lost 59 ridings, but leader Thomas Mulcair kept his seat and remains leader of the party.

More than an election for one party though, many saw the election as a referendum on Stephen Harper. Last night Canadians made a clear choice and voted for change. The reasons why are all in this song by Blue Rodeo.  Watch the video and sing along, today begins a new song: