Baconpalooza Filled the Achin’ for Bacon

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Photos by Nicole Suzanne / Feature image Pixabay

If you love pork and all things bacon, then the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum was your heaven on earth this weekend. There, amongst all their regular educational and fun animal and food exhibits, returned a wide variety of food purveyors, chef demos and market stalls dedicated to all things bacon in a pork frenzy aptly named Baconpalooza.

Last year, Baconpalooza was awarded the Ottawa Tourism Board’s best Food and Beverage event but every year since the festival started in 2014, they have honed and improved the experience with this year seeing more bands and more kids’ activities to make it an even bigger and better experience for all.

Among the highlights over the weekend were the 200 person picnic-style Bacon-Stuffed Whole Hog Dinner served by Baconpalooza collaborators and Canadian celebrity chefs Lynn Crawford, Mike McKenzie (pictured) and Jonathan Korecki. Having tasted it myself with corn con queso and kale and sundried tomato salad as sides, this picnic under the stars was a unique and tasty experience well worth getting out there for.

Crawford, McKenzie and Korecki were also on hand doing cooking demos and participating in a Guess the Secret Ingredient Contest on Friday night hosted by chef Jason Laurin, whose own legendarily accurate palette was showcased on an episode of Canada’s Top Chef.

Also on hand will be Henry Burris, who is debuting his Bacon Bourbon which is hitting shelves soon. There will also be bacon ice gelato, Gabriel’s Pizza’s special bacon stuffed crust pizza and unique bacon inspired goodies from local Market vendors among many others. However, so that no one is left out and can enjoy, they also vegan options available for all my non-pork eating friends.

All the profits from the festival goes to the Museum’s food literacy and nutritional educational programs that they offer to financially challenged children year round.