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Be the Change Challenge Rallies Ottawa Women to Improve Mind, Body and Soul

By: Kimberly Lochhead

Thirty days doesn’t seem like enough time to drastically overhaul one’s life, improve overall health, emotionally detox and help educate women in Nepal—but Megan Campbell, founder of Journey of the Yogini (JOY) is making all of that possible. And she’s helping others do it without going to a gym, attending therapy sessions or flying to Nepal. All it requires is the participation of women in the National Capital.


JOY’s Be the Change Challenge (BCC) is a 30-day program in September aiming to improve your life—body, mind and soul with the help of five health and wellness coaches. Participants receive daily inspirational emails outlining options and tips for the day and can access a series of yoga videos, prayers, podcasts on green living, nutrition tips, recipes and webinars offering advice. For the soul portion of the challenge, participants are asked to fundraise for IWEN –Canada’s Women’s Innovation Center, a charity providing educational scholarships for women in rural Nepal.

“I met these women when I traveled to Nepal in March,” explained Campbell. “They have an incredible business selling Unako scarves and our fundraising efforts will allow them to move their production from a 200 sq. ft. room to an actual building where they can employ more women. The goal is to provide education and help them eventually run the business entirely on their own.”

This year JOY hopes to raise $20,000 through BCC. Since 2011, the program has changed the lives of hundreds of women in Ottawa and worldwide. The first BCC raised over $2,300 for Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl while the second raised over $2,300. In 2012, BCC raised almost $11,000 for Off the Mat, Into the World’s Seva India, which supports female survivors of sex trafficking. Prizes for the most funds raised are also being given, including jewelry and one-on-one mentoring and acupuncture sessions.


This year, BCC has added a speakers’ series of women experts in health, nutrition and mental wellness from across Canada. Offering seven days of tips, videos and advice during the program, they specialize in holistic health, eco-friendly living, yoga anatomy and emotional detox.

“The program allows women to exercise and make small changes through the month at their own leisure,” said Campbell. “We lead busy lives and don’t often have time for ourselves, let alone to attend a gym, so I’ve tailored BCC for women to stay motivated and feel results.”

Aside from online interaction, BCC hosts a member’s forum for participants to connect with each other and question coaches.


“The mandate is affordable, effective and sustainable,” Campbell notes. “Even 10 minutes counts—we have all the tools and resources to help achieve your goals.”

BCC also has a Karma Crew, where women-run health and wellness businesses offer discounts to participants through September to help them reach and maintain their goals.

The program runs from September 1-30. Registration for the BCC closes August 29. For more information, visit www.bethechangechallenge.webs.com