• By: OLM Staff

Beer Connoisseurs’ favourite non-alcoholic beers are available online in Ontario

Thirsty Canadians can now enjoy the pleasure of a great craft beer without the alcohol. Quebec Microbrewery BockAle’s renowned non-alcoholic beers are now available Canada-wide and with the purchase of any 12-pack there is free shipping across Canada — it's time to give it a try!

The Drummondville (QC), Microbrewery BockAle has a special history with non-alcoholic beers. The company created a dozen craft beers but really reached success with the launch of their famous non-alcoholic IPA, Découverte, in 2017. This surprising drink has won over beer lovers and critics with its delicious taste and surprising freshness, offering the same enjoyable taste as an alcoholic beer!

Seeing the craze for its Découverte product and the emergence of the trend towards non-alcoholic beverages, BockAle developed new recipes without alcohol that offer the added bonus of fewer calories than most regular beers.

Amazing taste without alcohol

BockAle’s three non-alcoholic popular craft beers the Trou noir (stout), Découverte (IPA) and Berliner Sonne (Berliner Weisse) can be purchased through BockAle’s new online store.  

Découverte is a perfect symbiosis between the biting freshness of a good American IPA and the previously tasteless universe of alcohol-free beers. Undoubtedly the best of both worlds.

Berliner Sonne will brighten your day with its lemony flavour and tartness. This Berliner Weisse, whose alcohol has completely disappeared, is certainly one of our most thirst-quenching discoveries.Trou noir’s dense beige/mocha head swirls around its opaque black robe. Its chocolate and nut flavours intermingle with those of coffee and roasted grain, with an herbaceous finish on the palate. All the elements are together – only the alcohol seems to have disappeared.

Find out more about BockAle at: https://boutique.lebockale.com/en