Best garden ideas for summer 2020

With the summer coming round we all can see the nights getting longer and the weather getting warmer and our attention turns to the garden and outdoor spaces in our property. With the current Covid-19 situation, it is likely that we are all going to be working based on reduced social contact and this means more time at home. So getting the garden up to scratch will be more important than ever. Here are some of our best garden ideas for summer 2020.

Give it a Good Clean-Up

Our first port of call should be to consider what we already have and if there are any problems with it can they be sorted. Sometimes just cleaning up and getting the place more presentable can be just as good as putting in new features. Options including getting rid of old plants if the beds are becoming too crowded and pruning back the others. It’s also amazing what pressure washing can do for filthy patios and paths making the area look as good as new.

Play Area for the Kids

For families, the garden is going to be a more important space than ever in these times. If you have a large enough area it can make sense to create a separate play area for them to have as their own. It's easy to get swings, trampolines, etc. these days and even safety flooring for outdoors such as shock-absorbing shock pads, which can be installed as a feature on their own or under other surfacing such as artificial grass. This can create a safe and special area for your little ones to play in.

Decorative Features

Sometimes it’s nice to make the area look wonderful. Decorative features can come in a range of different forms. You can get sculptures and statues that are perfect for the garden to give a bit of variety. You don’t have to be looking to commission a bespoke sculpture or piece of art, there are plenty of mass-produced items available at any garden center. You can even get these classy wall fountains by Soothing Company to brighten up the garden.

Hard Landscaping

So far we’ve generally talked about working with what we have and making modifications and smaller changes to the features in our garden. But if you are willing to put the funds in you can drastically change the layout and change the garden to be whatever you want it to be. It’s best to consider looking at getting a proper team of contractors to take on the task of changing things as they have the skills and experience. But more importantly, they will have the physical fitness to complete this type of work, digging out a garden is a much tougher job than it looks if you are not used to it. Also if the job is too big to be taken care of they will most likely have the heavy machinery to take care of it, if you are leveling a sloped area then you would need an excavator which you won’t likely have.

New Patio, Lawn or Deck

Earlier we touched on cleaning up and giving your patio a new lease of life, this is a great idea but what if it comes up clean and new looking but still gives the impression of looking aged? This could be due to it being physically worn or even just that the style is very outdated. A new patio to replace an old one may not be as costly as one being put in from scratch as you might be able to re-use the same base that was laid for the previous one. Other options for the surface of your garden could be a new lawn, you can try and re-seed it but to get the best new surface it is better to lay fresh rolls of turf from scratch. Have you ever considered putting in some decking? This can be a realty excellent way to have a low maintenance, classy-looking finish, it is expensive to put in but will last a good 10 years.

Fences & Walls

How your garden is edged is important as your eye is always going to see the edge no matter which direction you look, so be sure you get this right. If you have a perfectly sculpted garden but the perimeter is a mess, then it will be all for nothing. So if it needs replacing make sure you don't neglect this area and get something new and impressive erected.